FAQ — questions about electronic development

Who are potential customers for turn-key development projects?

1. Manufacturers which want to create their own product to:

  • diversify their business by manufacturing electronics and exploring new markets
  • protect themselves from the risks and increase the share of intellectual property for their products
  • gain complete control over the manufacturing process

2. New companies and business startups which plan to:

  • manufacture a prototype for demonstration to the investor or for the execution of a contract
  • enter the market with a new product which has no direct analogue in the world or in the national market

3. Industry organizations, suppliers of design documentation as well as small- and medium-batch products (design, research and development), which want to obtain design documentation and workable prototypes within a fixed budget

4. Manufacturers of final equipment and specialized devices, which expand their product range or replace outdated / imported units

5. Product and technology companies which wish to diversify their business

What is the result of an electronic device development?

  • Full design documentation for manufacturing the product
  • Software source codes
  • Workable enclosure prototypes
  • Recommendations for launching into batch production
  • Opportunities for further technical support

Who owns the intellectual property created in the process of development?

We use flexible business models for cooperation with our customers. Here are some of the main patterns:

  1. The customer pays for the whole project and receives all the rights for the result of the development (source codes, project files and design documentation).
  2. Divided intellectual rights for the product.
  3. Promwad Innovation Company becomes a co-owner of the project and receives royalties on product sales or license payments.

What do I gain by ordering the development of an electronic product with Promwad?

  • Confidentiality of information
  • Complementing the customer’s competence with our highly specialized services
  • Transparent development process and weekly reporting
  • Compliance with project deadlines stipulated in the Design Assignment
  • Launching the finished product into production and preparing it for certification
  • Proven risk management practices
  • Technical support for the developed device at all stages of the product’s life cycle
  • Flexible business models for cooperation and seamless integration into the customer’s workflow