Technical Consulting

Technical consulting services offered by Promwad help perform virtually all tasks related to the development of state-of-the-art electronics, including launching the product into manufacturing. If you have an idea and resources for its implementation, we are ready to offer our technical expertise at any stage of creating a product.

The successful implementation of over 150 projects, a team of highly skilled professionals and an accumulated knowledge base underlie our professional advice on the following topics:

Management and marketing at the electronics market

  • Analysis of the target electronics market and creation of an electronic product concept
  • Technical and commercial background of the project
  • Planning of stages in custom electronic design, estimation of development and production times, risk management
  • Involvement of technical experts in the development of investment projects and business plans
  • Calculation of the product’s cost and BOM (bill of materials) optimization
  • External project management (resumed work on the project, implementation progress control)

Technical documentation for the development and manufacturing of electronics

  • Evaluation of the product’s technical capabilities
  • Technical level mapping
  • Creation of technical proposals for new devices
  • Writing Terms of Reference (TOR) for the development of electronics
  • Writing /checking the technical documentation for the development, production and use of electronic devices

Electronics development and industrial design

  • Selection of the best hardware platform and architecture engineering
  • Circuit engineering and tracing
  • Electronics hardware development
  • JTAG testing and chip programming
  • Electronics software development
  • Industrial design and creation of tools (molds)

Testing and QA, preparation for certification

  • Testing and quality assurance at all development stages
  • Introduction of international IPC standards, as well as DFM, DFA and DFT principles
  • Preparation for such types of certification as CE, FCC, RST, IC, SRRC, etc.
  • Pre-certification testing

Electronics prototyping and launching into production

  • Prototyping and creation of trial samples
  • Selection of materials for electronics manufacturing
  • Selection of the best production technologies
  • Looking for electronics manufacturers in the CIS States and South-East Asia
  • Launching into production and adaptation to the manufacturer requirements
  • Manufacturing support and quality control
  • Creation of stands for functional and in-circuit testing

After-sale support and maintenance

  • Consulting and training for personnel of warranty and service centers
  • Development of guidance on maintenance and service electronics
  • Development, testing and installation of software updates
  • Localization and adaptation of products to new target markets


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