AI-Based Number Plate Recognition for Smart ParkingSoftware for automated payment and entry automation systems with license plate recognition (LPRS).

A Neural Model for Detecting Distracting BehaviourAn AI-powered camera software for cars, production facilities, public places, and other applications.

TV Application Development with Gesture ControlAndroid application for childcare centres equipped with edge AI technology to control smart TVs with gestures.

AI application for set-top box

Shoppable video: AI-based app for STB & Smart TV We've developed and installed on STBs the first AI application for searching and buying clothes directly from the video stream


LiDAR-Camera Fusion Assistance Systems for CraneThis system combines the capabilities of LiDAR sensors and video cameras, resulting in lower costs and a significant increase in safety.

Smart video surveillance system for a bike parkingWe designed a smart player for commercial use to play audio and video streams from an internet server via Ethernet.

Ambarella CV25 based module for consumer cameras We've designed a compact Ambarella CV25 based module for consumer cameras in sports, drones, wearables, VR application areas