Embedded Systems Programming & Design - Microcontroller Programming

Software development for embedded systems is one of Promwad’s core competences, which is reinforced by impressive professional experience. The total work experience of programmers on our team is 124 years (as of 2014).

Promwad experts have successfully implemented over a hundred projects in such areas as embedded systems and microcontroller programming for different countries of the world. We constantly share our knowledge at conferences and forums, contribute articles to leading publications in the electronics industry and take part in drafting assignments for national competitions among young programming engineers.

Our experts are among the first in the CIS region who have successfully passed exams for the following ARM certificates:

  • ARM Accredited Engineer (AAE)
  • ARM Accredited MCU Engineer (AAME)

AAE certification was developed by the British corporation ARM in 2012 to test knowledge in such areas as the ARMv7 architecture (Cortex-A and Cortex-R), embedded systems programming, software optimization, etc.

Promwad engineers were examined by Prometric (USA), a company which operates in 160 countries and tests the knowledge of experts from Microsoft, Apple, IBM, etc.
We are ready to take exams for ARM certification at higher levels (Advanced and Specialist), when the Certification Center announces the launch of such exams.

Thanks to the expert level of our design, such technology and market leaders in semiconductor components, as Texas Instruments, STMicrolectronics and NXP, have become our official partners and included Promwad in the lists of recommended design electronics centers.

Promwad’s expertise in embedded systems design

The table below shows our expertise in applying various technologies:
Total experience, years
OS kernel / firmware level

С, Assembler, Bash
Linux kernel 2.4.* − 3.*.*
FreeRTOS, RTEMS, ThreadX

Application software

С, C++, Bash, Lua, Python, QML

Qt, SDL, directfb, GTK, OpenGL, OpenCV, Tesseract-OCR, OpenLayers, ffmpeg, Gstreamer

OpenEmbedded, Buildroot, OpenWRT, ELDK, Yocto, rpm/rpmbuild, deb/debuild, Arago, uClinux

Server software

Java, PHP, Python, Lua, SQL, HTML/HTML5/CSS, JavaScript
Django, Luci, Java swing
MySQL, SQLite , PostgreSQL
Apache, Jetty, Node.js
Web sockets, Layar API, Google Maps API
JSON, Protobuf
ProtoRCP, Endpoints
Google’s V8 and Mozilla’s Rhino JavaScript engines

Business analysis
Collecting and analyzing requirements
Development of specifications
Description of use options
User interface prototyping 


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