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White Label Agency Services

White label agency services allow you to enter the target market with your branded device quickly and at a much lower cost than designing from scratch. We will choose a suitable device for customisation to meet your requirements and business goals. 


With over 20 years of experience in electronics development, Promwad has helped its clients manufacture more than 3 million devices, guiding them through every stage, from market research to mass production and ongoing technical support.


Minimisation of development risks



Reduction of launch



Testing before mass production 


Excellent track record of product launches


What is White Labelling?

White label production is the partnership of electronics market players. One company has an experienced engineering team that can design or customise a mass-produced device. The other company has marketing experience to launch this device as a product under its brand. 

Promwad helps its clients adapt off-the-shelf white label electronic products according to their business requirements. Our team includes industrial and mechanical designers, engineers, and analysts.

We perform market research to find the right device and its appropriate manufacturer, customise software, create a unique white label electronic enclosure, or optimise the hardware platform.
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White Label Hardware Solutions

Wearable devices

custom headsets, smart glasses, smartwatches, smart jewellery, smart hearing aids, noise-cancellation headphones

Smart fitness trackers

activity trackers enhanced with IoT sensors, built-in GPS, heart rate sensors, sleep and swimming tracking

Health care & MedTech

wearable consumer devices for blood pressure monitoring, ECG recording, data collecting, and other healthcare needs

Smart thermostats

smart heating controls for automatic temperature control in residential and commercial buildings

The Step-by-step Process of a White Label Project


Market research

We receive the customer's technical requirements for the white label or private label electronic device and start working on in-depth analysis, during which we:
  • Collect information about the device itself.
  • Search for and analyse similar models that are available in various price ranges.
  • Determine the usability level of the product.
  • Test the suitability of the product for its intended use and possible operating conditions.
  • Compile a list of devices and manufacturers that match our client's needs.


Finding a manufacturer

Our designers, manufacturing engineers, and managers work together to select the best manufacturer in terms of quality and price:
  • We establish the specifications options for each model and gain access to API methods.
  • Discuss the possibility of realising the customisation of the product, packaging, and software.


Pre-testing and client approval

We test and evaluate all available options, show them to our client, and discuss the best options.



Together with the client, we draft a technical specification document for the product, which includes the requirements for customising the installed software and the appearance of the enclosure that matches the client’s corporate brand book and identity.
We oversee the entire customisation process on the manufacturer's side.


Final testing

Promwad engineers test the updated software (if required) and perform remote testing of the end products.


Mass production

After we are 100% sure that the device corresponds to the customer's expectations, we launch mass production.

Why Promwad


Specifics and nuances

We know the specifics and nuances of Southeast Asian laws, have the logistic experience necessary to meet agreed-upon deadlines, and have established time-proven processes in this region.



Our engineers and industrial designers have successfully completed over 500 projects. Our portfolio includes collaborations with brands like Marvell, Intel, Lapka, Fujitsu, Prestigio, Parrot, Smartlabs, Qoobi, and many others.



We perform an in-depth analysis and inspection of contract manufacturers and their professional certifications to guarantee the quality of end products at the stage of mass production.

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