Easy Transition from Discontinued AMD/Xilinx FPGAs with Promwad

Easy Transition Spartan-3 or CoolRunner
Ivan Kuten

By Ivan Kuten,

Co-owner & Tech Expert at Promwad

Recently, AMD (Xilinx) has issued a product discontinuation notice for some of its legacy CPLD and FPGA parts. Product companies, still using Spartan-3 or CoolRunner in their programmable logic solutions, have faced the need to migrate. Here is where Promwad offers quick migration and redesign engineering services.


For 20 years of designing various hardware and software solutions and custom IP cores based on FPGA for multiple industries, Promwad has mastered components and technologies from leading programmable logic IC vendors: AMD/Xilinx, Lattice, Intel/Altera, GoWin, Microchip and a few others. Such experience allows the company to select the most optimal strategy for migration to modern FPGA for its customers, considering the technical parameters and cost.

For example, the company's engineers are ready to redesign devices based on outdated Spartan-3 or CoolRunner, using the latest FPGA from American Lattice or GateMate FPGA from German semiconductor manufacturer Cologne Chip AG.


Benefits of GateMate FPGAs

  • Outstanding circuit size/cost ratio
  • Optimal logistics for companies in the EU (manufacturing in Germany)
  • An open-source IP core ecosystem (LiteX)
  • An open-source toolchain for RTL Synthesis (Yosys)


The option offered by Cologne Chip AG may be of particular interest to European customers, as their GateMate FPGAs are manufactured on a 28nm process at GlobalFoundries fab located in Dresden, Germany. This way, you can minimise logistical and geographical risks and ensure fast response times to changes in your customer's needs.


Another advantage of working with FPGAs developed at Cologne Chip AG is the possibility of using the LiteX open-source IP core ecosystem and Yosys, the open-source toolchain for RTL Synthesis. The development of vendor-agnostic IP cores is becoming a new trend, freeing you from vendor-specific lock-in and allowing you to quickly migrate your design from one FPGA vendor to any other optimal solution for your current business goals.

Regardless of the vendor choice for your FPGA migration, Promwad Engineering Company is ready to undertake rapid hardware and software rework, IP core customisation, and launch mass production of your upgraded device or embedded system.


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