Android applications testing

Testing Android applications helps ensure their correct operation on a variety of devices which have different screen sizes and resolutions; different sets of processor commands; different Android versions; a front camera, NFC, an external keyboard, as well as other software and hardware components.

Promwad’s Testing and Quality Assurance Department provides access to the full array of services related to testing Android applications:

Functionality testing

Functionality check (black box testing) and checking the software for compliance with requirements and specifications. It may also involve full testing or checking of basic functions.

Regression testing is testing the product’s functionality after correcting errors or implementing new functional capabilities.

Integration testing is testing applications on devices with different parameters (tablets and smartphones). A large fleet of test devices allows Promwad to test applications on different hardware platforms, screen resolutions and Android versions.


Automation testing

Software verification during which basic functions and test steps are performed automatically with special tools.

The benefits of the method include a relatively low cost. For example, you can run a testing of the next application assembly on all the devices available overnight, and then analyze the results and correct errors in the morning.

Automated tests help check:

  • Installation and removal of the application with the possibility of resetting the device
  • The life cycle of the application with response to user commands and system events such as incoming phone calls, new messages, low power warnings, etc.
  • Interface elements with response to user input and system events
  • Application data
  • Device resources and their release during the application shutdown
  • Type of application, depending on the position of the sensors, vertical or horizontal

Automation testing of this functionality involves the use of the following tools:

  • Monkey is designed for stress testing
  • Adb is designed for quick control
  • Monkeyrunner is a tool for automation testing with implementation of scripts in jython
  • Automation testing using test projects written in java

Usability testing

Analysis of the application interface and identification of “narrow” spots in the design, with regard to the end user and the goals set during the development process. A list of recommendations is developed to improve the interface, and a new phase of testing is started after the change is introduced.

Load testing

A study of the system capacity reserve, performed using specialized tools and automated tests.

Stress testing

Checking the correct operation of the system in case of overload and failure; estimating the system performance with known limited resources.


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