Quality assurance and product support

Promwad Innovation Company is an expert in testing electronic devices. Testing and quality assurance enables distributors and suppliers of electronic devices to cut risks and successfully market a competitive device with relevant functionality and high quality standards.

Our experts' qualifications and experience help effectively perform pre-sales preparation of the following types of products:

  • Multimedia and gaming products (STBs, MP3 players, etc.)
  • Tablet PCs and related devices (eBook readers, iPads, etc.)
  • GPS-based devices, GSM/GPRS/WCDMA devices and WLAN/Bluetooth (navigators, trackers, etc.)
  • Other types of modern electronic products

Testing helps prepare the product for mass sale as a turn-key project. It involves:

  • Selection of the best features and ensuring the required functionality
  • Testing of the hardware and software platform
  • Analysis of the product’s usability
  • Generation of technical documentation; certification
  • Preparation of the product to be launched into the target market
  • After-sale support and maintenance

Electronic product testing

Step-by-step analysis, testing and support of an electronic device help to ensure the highest quality of the product for the target market segment, to choose the best option out of the range of ready-made products available and to identify defects in manufactured and developed products.

Selecting the product and identifying its benefits

  • Selection of the best possible product to be launched into the market, based on the testing of product samples, as well as an analysis of product documentation and other information.
    • Outcome: selection of the top-quality product model out of the options offered. Description of the identified benefits and drawbacks of each electronic device; expert advice and recommendations on the product’s marketing prospects.
  • Development of recommendations for improving the product / extending its functionality - improving the product’s competitive ability by adding innovative features and optimizing its user interface. It is based on an analysis of the target market and end user expectations.
    • Outcome: a list of suggestions for increasing the product’s ease of use, as well as recommendations for implementing additional functions.
  • Identifying the product’s key competitive advantages, based on comparing it with similar devices at the target market.
    • Outcome: a list of the product’s benefits and drawbacks, in comparison to analogous devices on the market.

Quality assurance

  • Checking the quality of the product’s hardware and software platform through complex testing using the latest measurement tools and techniques; analysis of the quality of the product’s assembly and manufacturer technical documentation.
    • Outcome: a list of defects identified in the device, as well as bottlenecks that could lead to the product’s failure or malfunction in the future.
  • Creation of a finished product in cooperation with the device manufacturer - implementation of all approved functions, as well as correction of identified defects, in close contact with the developers of the product’s hardware and software (from any country in the world).
    • Outcome: a finished device with approved features; a list of defects identified and corrected in the software and hardware platform.
  • Development and performance of acceptance tests, production testing - development of testing techniques and performance of acceptance tests, including testing of the interfaces (USB, Ethernet, IR, HDMI, etc.), in the development process and during the production and shipment of finished products from the assembly line.
    • Outcome: a program / technique used to identify and reduce the number of defective items in the lot, improving the quality of the implemented product.

Preparation for market launch

  • Generation of accompanying documentation: user manual, technical specifications, maintenance and support guide, product data sheet, etc.
    • Outcome: a set of relevant documentation in English, required for product sales.
  • Localization and adaptation of the product to the market requirements – translation of the user interface, adaptation of the product’s enclosure, packaging and technical documentation for launching the device into any market in the world.
    • Outcome: new language versions of the user interface (packaging or technical documentation); a list of relevant improvements to be made in the product for launching it into the target markets.
  • Product certification — a full array of services for obtaining any kind of certificate for the product: certification consulting, assistance in preparing the device as well as the necessary documents for certification, selection of certification bodies, Promwad experts’ assistance in testing the product.
    • Outcome: obtaining the selected certificate (both national and international).

Technical support and maintenance

  • Consulting and training for personnel of the customer’s warranty and service centers for handling consumer complaints in a professional way
  • Guidance on maintenance and support issues
  • Software updates testing


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