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Custom Android application development

Custom Android application development is an opportunity to use the expertise of Promwad Mobile’s team to create new products for the Google Play Store. 

Our customers receive not only the program code and the user interface of a new application, but a finished product for sale in the target market. We are committed to achieving the commercial effectiveness of our development, so we closely work with our customers at all stages of the project - from concept generation to testing to further development of new versions. 

Thanks to our joint work with experts from the Promwad design house, we are able to offer a unique service - software integration of Android-based multimedia electronics and mobile devices. This service helps manufacturers and developers of electronic devices break into new markets, as well as significantly expand the functionality of their products (mobile versions of the software they use, remote control options for their devices, etc.).

Our team boasts a unique combination of engineering savvy, experience, commitment and passion for our work, which are absolutely crucial for creating a high-quality and high-tech product. 

Development of Android mobile applications at Promwad Mobile includes support for all communication technologies available on mobile devices: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPRS, EDGE, GSM, CDMA, EV-DO, UMTS and 3G.

Custom Android and Linux Kernel Development

Promwad Mobile develops Android applications using not only high-level, but also low-level programming languages. Profound knowledge and extensive experience enable us to carry out any projects for Android mobile platform, including those that require editing Linux kernel.

This opportunity allows our customers to:

  • Port Android applications to any device (smart phones, tablet PCs, navigation electronics, TV set-top boxes, electronic books, etc.)
  • Schedule algorithms for cpu / disk / net
  • Use all hardware capabilities of any device 
  • Create new drivers for device modules 
  • Solve real-time Linux problems
  • Develop firmware

In a nutshell, Promwad Mobile is custom development of Android applications of any complexity, from modifying Linux Kernel to comprehensive application customization at the operating system level for mobile phones, tablets, netbooks, TV STBs and e-book readers.



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