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FPGA Programming Services

Developing a cost-effective solution sometimes requires custom FPGA board programming due to a lack of necessary software or hardware capabilities.

We can define several reasons why FPGA programming is your best choice: power-consuming real-time algorithms, lack of required interfaces, or it is preferable to use hardware for some functions (especially in safety critical systems). 

What are FPGAs?

FPGA stands for a field-programmable gate array and refers to a process of hardware customization on a single integrated circuit. FPGA boards can vary in form factors, programmable components number, memories, and purposes, but all serve to provide desirable flexibility.

FPGA-project at Promwad

Along with design services based on the solutions of global FPGA vendors, including Xilinx, Lattice Semiconductor, Intel, and Microchip, the Promwad Adaptive Computing Systems department performs the following activities:

  • Specifications development.
  • Architecture definition, selection of IP cores.
  • RTL descriptions development in VHDL/Verilog.
  • DSP cores in Matlab Simulink (DSP – Digital signal processing).
  • HLS — High-Level Synthesis. Logical and physical synthesis.
  • Adaptation of IP cores to various FPGA families.
  • FPGA based on AI-powered technologies.
fpga programming project promwad

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Our key areas of expertise in FPGA programming

We illustrate our multi-field experience in FPGA programming:

HW accelerator
FPGA-based hardware accelerator
FPGA-based PCIe accelerator board is effectively optimized for Artificial Intelligence (AI), video processing and encoding, backbone network traffic analysis, simulation of physical processes, genome and DNA research. FPGA accelerator board is based on Xilinx UltraScale+ and Xilinx Zynq Ultrascale+ chips. It supports up to 32GB of external memory and 4 100 GE network ports.
Data processing
Data processing modules
DSP cores modeling and synthesis in Matlab & Simulink. Digital signal processing algorithms: digital filters (FIR, IIR) and fast Fourier transform (FFT), modulators/demodulators. Specialized modules: DSP cores, multipliers, coders/decoders, ALU for operations with floating points. Implementation of video processing algorithms: filtering, zoom, image stabilization.
Interface modules
Interface modules
Development and integration of interface controllers, peripheral modules, system buses. Implementation of interface modules:high-speed DDR/QDR dynamic memory interfaces; NOR/NAND FLASH, CF/SD/MMC NVRAM controllers; low-speed controllers of interfaces UART, I2C, SPI, CAN, RS485/RS422; high-speed PCIe bus controllers; CSI, HDMI, DVI graphical interfaces; JESD204 high-speed DAC/ADC access units (digital-to-analog and analog-to-digital converters).
Processor cores
Processor cores
Selection of the processor core architecture: ARM or RISC-V. Integration of processor cores: MicroBlaze, PicoBlaze, Nios, and RISK-V by Xilinx, Intel/Altera and Microchip/Microsemi and building SoC upon them. Adaptation of processor cores: development, integration and implementation of interface controllers, peripheral modules, system buses, control logic (FSM). Division of IP blocks into hardware and software elements. Selection of the operating system (RTOS), application of libraries and programs, coding.
Integration of digital and control elements on a single chip managed by RISC CPU, DSP, signal processing blocks, peripherals, memory interface.

Some of our FPGA, SoC, MPSoC solutions

Interface Extension FPGA project

artix7, mcu, adc, spi, i2c 
Interface Extension FPGA project.
– big-endian and little-endian support for EMIF;
– direct access mode for MCU to end-points;
– Cauto mode for polling end-points in round-robin;
– arbiter switch for changing modes of access;
– ADC controller with daisy chain support and internal configurable median filter

Interface Extension FPGA project

Zynq US+ 10G ethernet

Tags: ZynqUS+, Networking, 10G, UDP 
A hardware implementation of UDP protocol and 10G MAC.
– Hardware 10G UDP offloader
– AXI4-Stream data interfaces 

Zynq US+ 10G ethernet

10G TCP/IP using Linux

Tags: ZynqUS+, Linux, 10G, TCP/IP, DDR4
The design solves the problem of reliable data transfer from PL to server. Data transferred directly from PS DDR4 via TCP/IP protocol. The achieved bandwidth is 3.5Gb over a 10G interface.

10G TCP/IP using Linux

4k HDMI frame buffer

Tags: Kintex7, Linux, PCI-E, HDMI, 4K, Drivers
– Linux driver for frame buffer
– Data transfer between x86 CPU and Kintex-7 via PCIe
– DDR3 for image buffering
– Two HDMI output interfaces 

4k HDMI frame buffer

3G-SDI stream H.265 compression

Tags: Kintex7, Linux, PCI-e Jetson Nano, Drivers, H.265, SDI 
The device compresses a 3G-SDI input stream with the H.265 encoder. A V4L2 driver adapts the PCIe data stream to be processed by GStreamer and NVidia HW codec. Linux controls the output bitrate by network throughput estimation (QoS). The PCIe links and delivers a low latency encoding chain.

3G-SDI stream H.265 compression

Advanced PCIe End-Point IP core

Tags: Kintex, Ultrascale, Artix7, Linux, PCI-e, Arria10, CycloneV
A multiplatform PCIe controller core wrapper providing up to 10 DMA channels and 6 BARs.
– Linux driver
– Kintex UltraScale / Artix7
– Arria10 / CycloneV

Advanced PCIe End-Point IP core

Nano seconds pulses processing

Tags: Kintex, Ultrascale+, Linux, MicroTCA, PCI-e, HLS, Simulink, JESD 204b
We designed firmware for the MicroTCA system for the statistical analysis of nanosecond pulses parameters.
– 2.7Gsps ADC x24 channels
– High-level synthesis tools for math
– Data aggregation by Linux

Nano seconds pulses processing

Radar data processing

Tags: Zynq Ultrascale+, Cortex-R5, ARM, lvds, 10g
We designed a PCB and firmware for the ADAR6901 radar data processing.
– Zynq UltraScale+
– Cortex-R5 for radar control
– Driver and HAL development
– High-speed LVDS interface
– DDR4 PL for data storage
– 10G interface for processed data downstreaming 

Radar data processing

SoC firmware

Tags: sov, RISC-V, FreeRTOS, Drivers, Bootloader
We’ve implemented firmware for a custom-designed SoC
– DesignWare IPs
– Bootloaders
– IPs bare-metal drivers
– Test environment
– User software

SoC firmware

Video decoding and output to TFT panel

Tags: Lattice, H.264, H.265 MIPI, Display

A video TS stream decoded by an iMX8 SoM module. Transmitted to Lattice FPGA using MIPI CSI-2 interface and displayed on the TFT panel.

Video decoding and output to TFT panel lattice

Image processing on ECP5

Tags: Lattice, Image Processing, HyperRam, Display

A video stream captured from HDMI interface. Then a chain of image processing operations takes place: white balance and gamma correction, cropping, scaling, and rotation. Finally, video displays on the TFT panel.

Image processing on ECP5

Our tech map in FPGA

Specialized tools

Vitis AI, Vivado Design Suite, Quartus Prime, SDAccel, SDSoC, HDL Coder

Software platforms

Xilinx Deep Neural Network (xDNN), Alveo, OpenVINO, TensorFlow, Keras, Caffe

Tools & Languages

C++, Python, Matlab/Simulink, Verilog, VHDL, HLS, DSP, AI toolboxes

Hardware design

High-speed interfaces, DDR4, JESD204b, SI, PI, Thermo modeling, Video processing


Zynq, Zynq US+, RF SoC, Xilinx Versal, FPGA


AD9361, AD9371, ADRV9009, Radars, Promwad AFE, Antenas

Network software

DPDK, UDP 10G, TCP 10G, TAPs, L1/L2 IP cores


PCI-e, 1G, 10G, 25G/40G, 100G

Alex Promwad

"Our portfolio includes many FPGA programming and CPLD development projects, from radar data processing systems, spectrum analyzers, high-speed satellite modems design to Nvidia Jetson Nano 3G-SDI H.265 compression and more. "

— Alex, the head of the Adaptive Computing Systems department at Promwad


Our FPGA programming projects


Diffraction-based X-ray processing device designWe designed a sophisticated and unique industrial X-ray processing device with a number of competitive advantages for our customer.

SmartTV app development with brand catalogueWe developed a new version of application and system administration panel, built an updated app from scratch, based on the Tizen OS.

Industrial TSN routerWe designed a hardware platform, created 3D models of PCB to fit into a new enclosure, installed Linux OS, and ensured our DFM principle.

Dashcam design based on Ambarella SoC We designed hardware with the Ambarella H32 SoC and the IMX335 image sensor by Sony. The device runs Linux and Threadex OS.

Android-based TV with AMLogic SoC

Android-based TV for Digital Signage We helped Vestel Electronics design a new product based on a SoC by AMLogic, an industry-leading vendor in the multimedia domain

Control board for the automatic gearbox selector We provided circuit design, software development, design and manufacturing of PCBs for a gearbox selector

IoT waste management systemWe designed a module that manages a set of boards on garbage trucks and automates waste storage and disposal

Hardware & software for in-vehicle infotainment system The customer has implemented our Qualcomm SA8155P-based engineering solution in the vehicle's infotainment

Industrial control panel development We created industrial and mechanical design, developed software, designed hardware and the test rig for functional testing

Ambarella CV25 based module for consumer cameras We've designed a compact Ambarella CV25 based module for consumer cameras in sports, drones, wearables, VR application areas

Embedded UI customization for a set-top box We've created a software framework that allows the customer to change the user interface with minimal efforts

Digital transceiver for kite surfers: design & prototyping We've helped a startup to design a digital handheld transceiver for kite surfers with a built-in MP3 player

Smart WiFi router design + ad filter & parental control We've designed working prototypes of a Smart CPE router for advertising filtering, blocking malicious content, and parental control

Broadband SDR satellite modem on Zynq Ultrascale+ We designed a hardware & software platform for a broadband software-defined radio satellite modem

Industrial switches with 10GbE and 48 ports We have designed a new product line of 1Gb/10Gbps Ethernet switches operating at an industrial temperature range (−20 to +70°C) 

Firmware and application software for WiFi speaker We developed software for a professional audio system. The speaker supports AirPlay, Spotify, Bluetooth audio streaming
Wireless stereo speaker software development

FPGA software & Linux kernel drivers for 4K frame grabber We developed a versatile framebuffer FPGA IP core and integrated PCI-e IP core into the customer’s FPGA project

Unit for communication and navigation on the railway

Railway navigation system design with GPS We offered the customer a hardware solution based on three modules (units) that are connected with cables

AI application for set-top box: searching and buying products from video streaming

Shoppable video: AI-based app for STB & Smart TV We've developed and installed on STBs the first AI application for searching and buying clothes directly from the video stream

Air quality monitoring system for smart cities We designed a hardware and software system with measuring devices to collect and send the data to Bosch IoT Suite

Jade platform for automotive infotainment systems We developed hardware & software platform for automotive display, monitoring, and diagnostics systems based on the Fujitsu Jade MB86R01

A software and hardware system for safe operations on the brain and spine, with a millimeter accuracy

Neuronavigator: navigation system for surgeons Promwad engineering team designed a working prototype with the support of 3D images of ultrasound / MRI / CT.

Network traffic analyzer with Bypass function
BYPASS: design of network traffic analyzer We created prototypes of a network traffic analyzer for setting in a network connection gap (BYPASS function)
a series of managed 16- and 24-port Gigabit switches based on Realtek 83xx chipset
Design of L2 Gigabit managed switches, 24 ports Promwad engineering team designed a custom managed L2 switches based on the Realtek 83xx chipset and Linux kernel
POS printer embedded software development
POS printer: embedded software development Promwad's engineering team implemented full-featured POS firmware based on embedded Linux with Buildroot system
We developed a device for measuring the concentration of glucose in human capillary blood
Irma glucometer: prototyping & production launch We developed and put in production the Irma glucometer; a device for measuring the concentration of glucose in human capillary blood
TAO WellShell: software and circuit design upgrades with manufacturing support
TAO fitness gadget: upgrades battery life up to 300% Promwad's engineering team upgrade TAO’s software and PCB design to ensure a longer battery life
Development of the device for trusted session

S-Terra trusted module: HW and SW development We have developed a custom bootable medium, which is a USB device and designed to build trusted computing modules

Develop an OTDR for optical data transmission networks

Software development for an optical reflectometer OTDRBy request of the manufacturer of measuring instruments we developed a compact device characterize and locate faults in cable lines

Glucometer for iOS or Android smartphones We have created a mobile gauge of glucose concentration in the blood that works paired with mobile phones under iOS or Android control

Controller for traction drive: HW & SW developmentWe upgraded the controller of an electric traction device for subway carriages made more than ten years ago

we finalized the firmware design for multi-channel transcoding of MPEG2-TS (transport streams) into H264 format

Firmware design for a MPEG2/4 transcoderWe finalized the firmware design for multi-channel transcoding of MPEG2-TS (transport streams) into H264 format

Bluetooth device + iOS & Android apps for Parrot We have developed a compact device for collecting data from Bluetooth sensors and transmitting them to the server
we developed a specialized Embedded Linux distribution for routers and other network devices
OpenWRT for Realtek: Embedded Linux for routersWe developed a specialized Embedded Linux distribution for routers and adaptable web interface to manage LuCi based
VoIP broadband router design
VoIP broadband router: HW & SW development Our engineers designed a subscriber router for providing voice over IP services in broadband networks
we created a reference design of a set-top box DVB-T/C + IPTV, which is intended for rapid platform development and launch of a series of new digital devices
IPTV+T/C hybrid set-top box: reference design We created a reference design of a set-top box with rapid platform development and launch of a series of new digital devices

DVB-T STB: : HW & SW development We have developed a digital TV set-top box (STB) with support for DVB-T (MPEG-2/4) and terrestrial digital broadcasting

Protected USB dongle with integrated browser for online banking
USB Dongle for secure session: development & prototyping We have developed a software/hardware system for safe data transfer while working on an insecure computer terminal
GPS navigator: design and prototyping We have developed a prototype of a compact navigation device which brings the user back to the pre-marked location in a coordinate system
we have developed a computer for networks with a client-server architecture that transfers basic processes to a remote server

AK1100 thin client: turnkey designWe have developed a new turn-key product, the AK1100 thin client based on the processor Marvell Sheeva 88F6282

5D cinema hardware and software complex at the order of a company which supplies animatronics

5D cinema hardware and software complexWe have developed a 5D cinema hardware and software complex at the order of a company which supplies animatronics

IPTV set-top box design for SmartLabs We have developed a range of IPTV set-top boxes, ensured license coverage for all the proprietary coding standards for audio and video
Smart home multimedia controller

Smart house controller (HDMI-CEC) for a Swiss company We have designed the HDMI-CEC controller to manage a home multimedia complex: cinema, tuner, VCR and other devices

we have ported Android and Linux kernel to the OMAP-3530 hardware platform by Texas Instruments

Android and Linux Kernel porting to OMAP-3530We have ported Android and Linux kernel to the OMAP-3530 hardware platform by Texas Instruments

Onboard multimedia computer

Onboard multimedia computer for the EU marketWe have developed a sophisticated hardware and software system for multimedia, GPS navigation, travel time calculation, control of air conditioning

The development of cinema Control Panel programm for 5D cinema
5D system for special effects: HW, SW development By order of the animatronics supplying company we developed the CinemaControlPanel program for a 5D movie theater system
we developed a video registration device for digitalization, storage and distribution of audio and video streams on request from 4 analogue sources

JPEG2000 4-channel recorder: HW, SW developmentWe developed a video registration device for storage and distribution of audio and video streams on request from 4 analogue sources

we developed a multifunction mini-server for solving a wide range of tasks in IP networks, functions as a computer or a server

IP-Plug ARM mini-server: turnkey designWe have developed the multifunction mini-server for solving a wide range of tasks in IP networks, functions as a computer or a server

OBD-II vehicle data logger: turnkey design We have developed a portable automobile recorder for control and diagnostics of technical state ("black box" for an automobile)
Car navigator: development + prototyping We have developed a car navigation device which supports GPS, mobile communication and data transmission

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