Production launch

Production launch: manufacturing of enclosures for electronic devices

The outcome of the efforts of Prowad’s industrial designers and engineers is a functional device from a pilot line, which was manufactured with production line equipment.

The goal of launching production is to create the process of enclosure manufacturing in predetermined quantities, with set deadlines, cost, and quality indicators. If the client has not chosen a production partner at this stage, we can help with a choice of the best production site in Europe or South-East Asia, which will provide the required quality and acceptable business terms.

One of the primary tasks in launching the production of the enclosure is the creation and testing of the quality of fixtures – the press mold for molding plastic and metal parts. Our goal is a functional enclosure that is entirely compliant with the developed design solution.

Available production technologies:

  • Plastic pressure molding, including co-injection molding and embedded element molding
  • Aluminum molding and composite pressure molding
  • Extrusion molding of aluminum alloys and plastics
  • Compression-molding of silicone plastics and rubber
  • Vacuum-forming of plastics
  • Sheet metal forming
  • Machine processing of metals (milling, etc.)
  • Color selection and mass-dyeing of plastics (adding the dye to the melted material)
  • Plastics varnishing and rubber soft-touch coating
  • Powder coating of metals


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