Equipment in our electronics lab

In the course of electronics development, testing and debugging we operate a wide range of engineering lab equipment: oscilloscopes, spectrum and logic analyzers, precision digital multimeters and JTAG-controllers.

These devices help us in ensuring accuracy and reliability of our electronic products and embedded systems that can be used in various industries: consumer electronics, telecommunications, transportation, automation, mediaand entertainment, etc.

We are continually investing time and resources to stay at the forefront of electronics development. Please see our laboratory equipment list below for further details.

Oscilloscope Tektronix DPO 4104

The oscilloscope Tektronix DPO 4104 is designed to study the waveform of analog signals at a frequency of up to 1 GHz. It is used in debugging high-speed interfaces, testing waveforms and troubleshooting.

Basic features:

1 GHz 
Analog channel
Sample rate on all channels
5 GS/s
Record length on all channels
10 Megapoint

Spectrum analyzer agilent technologies N9000A CXA

The spectrum analyzer with the tracking generator N9000A CXA (Agilent Technologies) for quantitative and qualitative analysis of the high-frequency paths and spectra of radio signals. It is used to check the spectrum of transmitters:

  • Radiated power
  • Spectrum band
  • Power of out-of-band radiation
  • Power of higher harmonics
  • Preliminary estimate of EMR before certification in specialized laboratories

Basic features:

9 kHz … 7.5 GHz
Analysis bandwidth
10 MHz
Built-in tracking generator
6 GHz

Logic analyzer Leaptronix PLA-1016

The logic analyzer Leaptronix PLA-1016 is required to debug digital interfaces working with low speeds. The software helps analyze standard interfaces, such as PS232, SPI and I2C. The obtained diagrams can also be used to analyze the signals of other interfaces.

Basic features:

Sample Rate (asynchron)
100 MHz (10 ns)
Sample Rate (synchron)
100 MHz
100 MHz
16 Channels
256 KByte
Storage depth per channel
128 KBits × 16 ch
USB 2.0

Precision digital multimeter Tektronix DMM4050

The precision digital multimeter Tektronix DMM4050 is designed for the accurate measurement of electric values while configuring and debugging devices. It is used to measure the voltage of reference power supplies, the voltage from external sensors, as well as the resistance in circuits on printed circuit boards and precision resistors.

Basic features:

Multimeter type
Digital, stationary
Basic error
0.0024 per cent
Voltage, direct / alternating
100 mV...1000 V
Current, direct / alternating
100 mcA...10 A
3 Hz...1 MHz
10 ohm...1 Mohm
1 nF ... 100 mcF
Additional functions
Temperature measurement, diode testing, continuity check

JTAG controller JT 3705/USB

The JTAG controller JT 3705/USB is a boundary-scan controller suitable for testing elements. It also has a TAP controller compliant with the IEEE 1149.x standard.

It is used for developing and debugging digital components, repair and troubleshooting, as well as product testing.

Basic features:

  • Compatible with USB 1.1 and USB 2.0
  • Two TAP ports compliant with IEEE 1149.x
  • TCK frequency of up to 6 MHz
  • Programmable TAP signal voltage levels
  • Power from a computer USB port