Promwad GmbH Became a Gold Partner of German Club SV 1913 Walbeck

Director of Promwad GmbH Alex Worobjow and head of the youth unit at Walbeck Michael Roosen

Promwad is proud to become the SV Walbeck Gold Partner to support sport involvement and drive the development and well-being of the Walbeck community. 

SV 1913 Walbeck e.V. counts more than 1200 club members, almost one in four of Walbeck's residents. The sports club offers athletes of all ages and fitness levels a suitable platform to keep fit, lots of fun and camaraderie. Special attention is paid to youth: more than 500 girls and boys train with qualified coaches and instructors in various sports.

This partnership was initiated by Alex Worobjow, Director of Promwad GmbH. Alex was a semi-professional footballer at the youth level, but he ended his career due to an injury. To return to his favourite activity as a coach, he started helping with training in his son's team, then moved to regular coaching with children. 

Alex Worobjow

"Kids and their parents are part of the team, and the team is our second family. Children are the most restless and curious people in the world, they are like our engineers at Promwad. They explore the boundaries of what is possible in order to evolve and achieve what seemed out of reach.

I spend my personal time in the club, but what I receive, which cannot be quantified by partnership contracts, is inspiration and the gratitude of all those involved", said the director of Promwad GmbH, Alex Worobjow.

The Promwad team aims to help grassroots sports, as we have similar values. You might ask how our engineering company is connected to the sports club? We are constantly looking for something new and coming up with innovative solutions. We want to make innovative electronics available to the widest number of people. This is similar to what amateur football clubs do in Germany, making the broadest range of sports available to the masses. 

The agreement between Promwad and SV Walbeck goes beyond a simple sponsorship contract. For us, it means a deep interest in supporting the local community, building unity, and actively participating in the region's sporting life. 

Mike Lichteveld

"We are excited to have Promwad on our team. Along with sports, we are united by a shared ethic of teamwork, innovation, and improvement. Together, we move forward with shared values, united by our passion for success both on and off the field", said the director of SV Walbeck Mike Lichteveld

Our partnership isn't about money or advertising. After all, the club isn't just sustained by sponsorship funds, and as a company, we're unlikely to see direct benefits from a billboard or a website listing. It's more about appreciating what each side does and wanting to support each other. The club is a big family and stay strong together or, as Germans say, #gemeinsamstark!