Team, Tech, and Terrific Views: Second Year of Engineering in Serbia

Office in Nis

Promwad has wrapped up its first year in the Serbian city of Niš. Over the past year, we have scouted new talent, dived into exciting projects, and discovered the charms of Serbia as a great place to live and do business. Today, we're ready to spill the details on our journey so far and give you a sneak peek into our plans.

We are expanding the team in our office in Niš, where our engineers develop software and design hardware for the Automotive, Industrial Automation, and Green Energy with clients from Serbia, Germany, and the United Kingdom. In the coming years, we plan to grow the office to 50 employees who will work on projects for our EU and US clients.

City-Сentre Office & Engineering Lab

The Promwad’s engineering team in Niš has experienced impressive growth, expanding from one employee to 20 people: hardware engineers, PCB designers, software developers, and others. With the new location of our office in the city centre, the company now has a fully equipped power electronics laboratory.

Now, our Serbian office can offer the best services to clients whose projects are related to electric vehicles, charging stations, development of electric motors, etc. We can do on-site debugging and testing without involving third-party contractors.

Engineer in Nis

Engineer uploads new firmware to a board for an automotive project at Promwad's office in Niš

Device in Nis
Electronic device in Nis

A few devices from our power electronics lab in the Niš office

In the first publication about the opening of the office in Niš, we already mentioned that Serbia is a European leader in terms of foreign investment in the automotive industry, and Niš is one of the technological centres of the country.

What We Do

Let's look at the solutions fully or partially created in Promwad's office in Niš since its opening.


Tech stack

Versal SoC-based device to collect and change formats of video streams

Petalinux, C for Linux drivers, С++, Qt5, OpenAMP, SMPTE, Ethernet, MDIO, CAN

C++ software for data acquisition devices

C++/Boost, CAN, Ethercat, TEDS

Automated system test multimedia ECU for OEM supplier

C++, UDS, CAN, IP GStreamer, MP4

Development of a power distribution unit for server rooms

C++, Protobuf, NNG, Yocta, Docker, LDAP, Radius, SQLite

Design of a process equipment control panel device

PADs, ARM processor, LIN and CAN, DDR3, I2C, LCD and touch screen

Custom video processing board for public transport

Ethernet, HDMI, CSI, CPU, FPGA


Collaboration with Tech Park & University

Promwad has forged valuable partnerships within the local community and the Science and Technology Park Niš, fostering networking opportunities and knowledge sharing. This collaboration enables us to stay at the forefront of technological advancements.

On 26 May this year, Promwad was one of the keynote speakers at the Hardware Conference and Demo Day for technology companies, engineers, startups and investors, held at the Science and Technology Park in Niš.

Engineers in Nis office

Promwad's CEO, Roman Pakholkov, and CTO, Alexander Krainov, in Science and Technology Park Niš on December 8th, 2023

Conference in Nis

Hardware Conference and Demo Day in Niš on May 26th, 2023

We also recognise the importance of nurturing local talent and building strong links with the University of Niš. We plan to recruit highly motivated individuals keen on self-improvement in engineering.

Promwad offers a variety of programmes, including internships, apprenticeships and vacancies, as well as advice and support from experienced developers. We are considering sponsoring external courses to allow young professionals to explore different industries, technologies, and frameworks and see where their interests lie.

Laboratory in Nis

Promwad's CTO, Alexander Krainov, and CEO, Roman Pakholkov, at the laboratory for microgrids and smart grids with the head of the department of energetics at the University of Niš, Milutin Petronijevic

Presentation in Nis

Promwad presentation for lecturers of the Faculty of Electronic Engineering of the University of Niš on December 8th, 2023

Plans and Vision: Team Expansion and Internships

Looking ahead, Promwad has ambitious expansion plans. In the next 2–3 years, the company intends to grow its team size in Niš to 50 people. This growth is supported by establishing a power electronics lab and a specialised hardware design team. In addition, we will build a core team of FPGA and verification engineers, further expanding our capabilities and expertise in this area.

What We Offer

Our company values the strength of a close-knit team, fostering a collaborative environment where every individual's contribution is recognised and appreciated. We understand the importance of work-life balance, offering the possibility of remote work. Moreover, we provide relocation assistance, ensuring an easy transition for those joining us from different locations.

Recognising the dedication and skills of our employees, we offer a competitive salary. Committed to continuous growth, we invest in our team's development through seminars, training sessions, and educational opportunities. Additionally, we support language proficiency by offering free English classes and empowering our employees with the tools they need.

Promwad also offers a variety of programmes, including internships, apprenticeships and vacancies, as well as advice and support from experienced developers. We are considering sponsoring external courses to allow young professionals to explore different industries, technologies and frameworks and see where their interests lie.

Why Nis (Вelgrade or Novi Sad)

Working at Promwad’s office in Niš or other Serbian cities comes with numerous benefits:

  • The company provides relocation assistance, encompassing bonuses and support with paperwork, ensuring a seamless transition for new hires.
  • Obtaining residence permits for employees from various countries is straightforward, offering the flexibility to secure a permit for three years at once.
  • Niš is convenient and family-friendly, with all essential amenities within walking distance. To enjoy the advantages of life in a big city, you can choose Belgrade or Novi Sad while working remotely.
  • With its comfortable climate, Serbia provides a pleasant living environment. Warm summers for the exploration of picturesque landscapes. Autumn brings a pleasant transition with many sunny days, while winters are generally mild.
Promwad in Nis
Promwad office in Nis

Niš landscapes

Alexey Krasilnikov

"For me, the past year has been a period of transformation. The decision to relocate with my family was an important professional and personal step. I am confident in saying that Serbia has not disappointed us in any way after almost a year. Being here has been a pleasant experience, and we are happy to have found a place that suits us. The support from colleagues and the hospitality of the Serbian people made the transition easy."

— Alexey Krasilnikov, schematic engineer

Promwad also organises team-building activities like excursions to beautiful nature parks and popular hiking places. These initiatives foster a positive, cohesive work culture that promotes team dynamics and personal well-being.

"It is a pleasure to be part of a team that not only advances in professional cooperation and is on the cutting edge of technology but also understands the importance of creating a positive and pleasant working atmosphere.

Over the past year, we have travelled together through the peaceful countryside, conquered mountains, enjoyed the excellent atmosphere and discovered the local cuisine. These shared moments of joy and fellowship create many fond memories ."

— Alexander Geraschenko, FPGA engineer

Alexander Geraschenko
Promwad team in Nis
Walk in Nis

Hiking to Donji Piljski Waterfall

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