Electronic Design

Сustom Electronic Design

Promwad engineering company has been providing electronics design services for more than 14 years. We offer flexible models of cooperation, focusing on the specific needs of our customers, such as business targets, development budget, level and depth of management. We also specialize in custom electronic design and are ready to help you with turnkey development solutions.

Turnkey development

We take responsibility for the development and production of a new electronic device from scratch or based on ready-made hardware and software platforms.


  • One point of contact: we take risks; you get the finished product.
  • Experience in implementing turnkey projects.
  • Partnership programs with component manufacturers and contract production sites in different parts of the world.

Device development process

  1. Development
  • Idea, concept
  • Device development
  • Prototyping
  • Debugging and testing
  • Development of functions
  • Integration testing
  1. Pre-production
  • Initial batch
  • Device certification
  • Preparations for production operation
  1. Serial production
  • Delivery of special components
  • Serial production
  1. Product customization
  2. Model range

We work with prototypes from a PCB to a working device in the enclosure. At the stage of elements selection, we use a list of electronic components of the device, estimate their cost and optimize BOM (bill of materials).

At the stage of industrial design development, we work with 2D sketches and 3D models of the enclosure to make prototypes.

Debugging and testing are important parts of the work because we can find critical errors and create supporting documentation with corrections. Function development is useful at each stage and integration testing helps to make amendments in documents upon integration testing results.

The next stages are pre-production, device certifications, and the launch of serial production. It includes delivery of electronic components and organization of logistics for delivery of a batch of your finished product to anywhere in the world.

You can also consider additional stages, such as customization of your product and design of a model range, when the product can be modified in accordance with certain requirements of your target markets.

Why can you trust us?

1. We guarantee fixed deadlines and budgets for the development of a new product.

2. We take responsibility for a project and bring new expertise to our customer’s team.

3. Regular feedback and timely coordination of each work stage.

4. Safety of intellectual property.

5. Flexible models of cooperation, taking into account the objectives and financial capacity of a customer.

How will we work with you?

  • Turnkey development: we take responsibility for the development from scratch or on a ready-made platform.
  • Outsourcing: we perform standalone tasks for the customer’s choice.
  • A dedicated team: we form a remote team to work on a project.


Our turnkey projects


Neuronavigator Promwad engineering team designed a working prototype with the support of 3D images of ultrasound / MRI / CT.

Irma glucometer We developed and put in production the Irma glucometer; a device for measuring the concentration of glucose in human capillary blood

AK1100 thin clientWe have developed a new turn-key product, the AK1100 thin client based on the processor Marvell Sheeva 88F6282

IP-Plug ARM mini-serverWe have developed the multifunction mini-server for solving a wide range of tasks in IP networks, functions as a computer or a server

Navigator for cars We have developed a car navigation device which supports GLONASS / GPS, mobile communication and data transmission

Looking for electronic design services?

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