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Application Software Development and GUI Design

We implement your app’s entire development cycle — concept generation, market survey, architecture development, UI design, program code for Android and iOS, testing and support — everything you need to successfully launch a new product.

At Promwad, we develop user/application software to expand the functionality of various devices: auto electronics, personal routers, digital TV-tuners and other consumer electronics, e-books, SOHO network equipment, etc.

What we do

  • Network and multimedia application development
  • Embedded web-oriented applications development for remote device monitoring and control
  • Graphic user interface design for touch screen and LCD screen devices
  • Equipment cross-platform client development

Graphic User Interface (GUI) design

Our designers perfect the ergonomics, style, and color solution of the interface, taking into account the specifics of display and graphics perception on various types of screens:

  • Black-and-white screens with e-Ink technology
  • Standard and high-resolution TV screens
  • Customized LCD with non-standard resolution
  • Mobile device OLED

Our customers can count on NDA compliance, transparent cooperation, and up-to-date information on the project at any stage.


Application development Promwad

Our mobile development services

Development of mobile application for iOS and Android

Development of software for Android at Linux kernel level

Testing and quality control

Maintenance and consulting in the following areas:

Development of new software products for Android and iOS

Hardware and software development

Porting mobile applications to other platforms

Hardware and software development

Creation of reference terms for the development of mobile applications


Integration of apps with mobile gadgets, use of smartphones to control smart homes and vehicle electronics

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