TV Application for Android Automotive

Project in Nutshell: we developed a News Broadcasting TV application based on Android Automotive for In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) systems. With our own IPTV platform, we used Android-specific APIs to ensure safety-specific features and access to various TV news channels.  

Client & Challenge  

A European technology company in the automotive industry turned to us to create a TV application for Android Automotive-based IVI systems. The application is focused on broadcasting news channels in ways that are compatible and compliant with road safety.



For fast application deployment, we used our own IPTV platform. The selected operating system, Android Automotive, includes Android-specific APIs and tools to simplify and speed up the development process. Using our own IPTV platform reduced development time by a third. 

The application is suitable for vehicles with screens on the dashboard and mounted in the front seats. It provides the user with a wide range of features and usage scenarios: 

  • Adaptation to driver behaviour. Since safety is critical, the app automatically switches off the picture and puts down the sound when the car moves off.
  • Morning mode. The user starts their morning ride, and the news app automatically starts playing the news channel of their choice. 
  • Family mode. Kids in the back seat can watch cartoons or sports channels, while parents in the front can keep up with the news via the app.
  • User-specific content. Traffic updates, relevant commercials and news about significant events in the city.
  • Breaking news alerts. The app displays breaking news and emergency notifications when needed, including informing drivers of important events on the road.
  • News feed customisation. Users can customise their news feeds with personalised information, e.g. weather forecasts, to receive the most interesting information. 
  • Voice control. Instead of manipulating with gestures, drivers can search for specific news topics or channels using voice commands to keep them safe and hands-free.
  • Offline browsing. Users can download news segments for offline viewing, which is especially convenient in locations with limited or no network connectivity.
  • Language selection. The app features multilingual support, allowing users to view or listen to news channels in a language they are comfortable with. 


Business Value

We created a TV news application featuring morning mode for automated news channel playback, family mode for diverse content consumption, breaking news alerts, customisable news feeds, and more. 

This TV application opens new opportunities for TV channels, streamers, and content owners within automotive infotainment. Doing so enables enhanced interaction with current viewers and attracts a new audience, thereby expanding their overall reach in content distribution. 

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