BLE Beacon-Based Software Development for Hospitals


A European company focused on social services, consulting, and software development for medical institutions.



The customer turned to us to develop software for business process automation in hospitals. The software must meet the following criteria:

  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP);
  • remote database with REST API;
  • collection of medical protocol metrics.

The customer requested to add functionality to the back-end with an extended REST API; to add functionality to the frontend with extended UI scenes; and to automate the identification and location of the maintenance staff.



The backend of the software was based on the FreeSwitch telecommunications stack and the database with REST API.



The frontend was implemented as an application for Android with a telecommunication library. We used PJSIP for VoIP services. The Android application was developed with the Model-View-Presenter (MVP) architectural pattern.

Our software engineers used the BLE beacon technology to identify and determine the arrival of doctors and other hospital staff. The open-source AltBeacon protocol was chosen as the beacon type.


Also, we used FreeSwitch technology to create call alerts, connect to an operator, receive data from external programmes and generate calls remotely. Its integrated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system playbacks finished audio, collects user data, and enables other features within the phone system.


Business Value

As a result, our client received a ready-made software platform for business process automation in hospitals, including the back-end and frontend.

BLE beacons made it possible to identify and determine the location of specialists in medical institutions with their Android smartphones and tablets.

The backend and frontend have been improved to meet the customer's requirements for expanding the functionality of the software system. We also improved conference calls based on the FreeSwitch open stack and PjSIP and fixed problems with the sound quality on devices.

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