IoT Waste Management System


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We were to develop a module with the functionality of a processor board to manage other boards on garbage trucks and automate waste storage and disposal.



The main part of the development was conducted in .Network Framework

We developed and tested software based on Linux 3.0.35 and Android for the processor module of carrier boards.


  • CMFX-6 module
  • Connection with analog cameras
  • Wi-Fi, GPRS/3G, GPS
  • HDMI display connection with resistive touch screen
  • Mezzanine connection of other boards (RF transceivers) is available
  • Extended power range (14 V to 36 V)


Business value

The designed system helps the client achieve a range of benefits:

  • enhanced operational management;
  • logistics optimization;
  • business process optimization.

The prospects of the system developments lie in adding the Machine Learning & neural networks, as well as data processing with IoT Cloud and Big Data.

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