Promwad Secures Partnership with Infineon to Drive Power Electronics & IoT Applications



Promwad expands its frontiers in designing innovative software and hardware solutions for its clients in the domains of power electronics and secure IoT applications by partnering with Infineon, a global semiconductor leader in power systems and IoT.


Infineon's semiconductor solutions supply power to critical infrastructure in industries from automotive and renewable energy to industrial automation and consumer electronics. Powered with Infineon components and technologies, Promwad will help its clients design advanced solutions for sustainable power supply in a wide range of market sectors:

  • Automotive: power electronics and software for uninterruptible power supplies, charging stations and battery management systems (BMS).
  • Power engineering: DC-DC and DC-AC converters, inverters for solar and wind power, power distribution units, automatic transfer switches, and energy storage systems.
  • Industrial automation: motor control systems, connected secure systems with smart features and IoT sensors.
  • Building automation: air conditioning and ventilation, elevator solutions, and UPS.



Applications areas of Infineon power electronics technologies. Source:


Infineon is a leading supplier of IGBTs and SiC modules. By leveraging Infineon's innovation strength and Promwad's expertise in firmware and hardware development, companies in the power electronics domain can solve complex engineering challenges, from grid stability to renewable energy integration.

Promwad engineers plan to use the following Infineon MCU in their design solutions:


32-bit XMC™ Industrial Microcontroller Arm® Cortex-M


    The high-performance microcontroller family is easily scalable to meet the requirements of various applications.

    XMC™ microcontrollers have many embedded peripherals for industrial automation, including high-resolution ADCs, PWM modules, communication interfaces (UART, SPI, Ethernet), and specialised motor and power management functions.


    “This collaboration marks a significant milestone for Promwad as we expand our presence in the software and hardware market for power electronics. We will deliver cutting-edge solutions to our clients thanks to Infineon's high reliability, efficiency, and performance standards,” said Roman Shulenkov, Head of Industrial Automation Unit at Promwad.


    “We are excited to collaborate with Promwad to deliver software and hardware solutions for the industrial power & energy applications. As the leader in power systems and IoT, Infineon will bring smart, energy-efficient and reliable solutions in partnership with Promwad,” said Pramodh Prakash, Director of Applications Marketing at Infineon Technologies.

    The partnership between Promwad and Infineon highlights a shared vision to accelerate the adoption of sustainable energy solutions and drive positive change on a global scale. Providing power electronics solutions tailored to our clients' specific needs can be achieved through the combination of both companies.


    Get in touch with Promwad to discuss how we can work together to develop power electronics solutions that meet your unique needs!