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Increase bandwidth, availability, and security of your Internet channel

The custom prplOS app by Promwad provides reliable and secure Internet access using multiple channels or providers and quickly switching between them, ensuring uninterrupted connection via Ethernet over Coax (EoC), fibre, LTE, or 5G.

While standard user equipment might switch between towers for network maintenance without notice, our specialised solution ensures continuity, especially for directional antennas connected to LTE and 5G networks.

Build Your prplOS App with Multipath

We build tailored prplOS applications to meet client-specific requirements:

  • Smart home integration with ZigBee and Matter: Ensure compatibility with our network security app across your Apple Home, Google Home, Samsung SmartThings, and Amazon devices.
  • Enhanced analytics for public spaces: Detect devices and individuals via Wi-Fi; deploy emergency Wi-Fi solutions.
  • Quality assurance for service providers: Minimise client complaints by monitoring connection quality.
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Explore the Features of Our Multipath Application

Data analytics

Data analytics capabilities include:
  • Assessing channel availability
  • Managing network latency in real-time network monitoring applications
  • Tracking data volume across individual channels and the entire system

Bandwidth aggregation

If you look how to increase bandwidth, our custom multipath application is at your disposal. It intelligently combines multiple channels to maximise data throughput and reduce latency, resulting in faster and more reliable internet connections.


Fast, seamless switching

Experience uninterrupted services, such as streaming music or video calls, even during temporary glitches. If one channel falters, the system reduces speed rather than causing a complete disconnect, maintaining a consistent user experience.



Receive timely alerts if issues arise with your primary internet channel. For instance, you'll be notified of any disruptions in a setup with both a primary cable connection and a backup 5G.


Rapid CDN service access

By positioning our multipath server closer to CDN resources, users can enjoy stable and accelerated access to the video streaming and gaming platforms, benefiting from caching and faster multipath speeds.


Multipath for MESH network

Address connectivity challenges in expansive spaces. Our solution optimises router and Wi-Fi mesh connections to enhance overall communication quality in multi-story and large properties.


High-speed access for personal data

Amid growing concerns about data privacy and corporate data usage, our solution diverges from traditional approaches and operates on a UPS, maintaining seamless connection.

Especially advantageous for smart home setups, our internet security app prioritises rapid and secure access to your personal information, regardless of external challenges like electricity shortages or cable disruptions.


Channel mirroring

Whether sending a message or initiating a voice command in a smart home environment, channel mirroring ensures uninterrupted communication even if one channel experiences disruptions.

This feature also benefits public transport scenarios, where connectivity can fluctuate due to vehicle movement and varying operator signals. By distributing data packets across multiple channels, we ensure Internet stability for the passengers.


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Why Promwad

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Tailored solutions

We adapt our application to align with your tech and business requirements, ensuring optimal functionality and efficiency.

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prplOS mastery

As a member of prpl Foundation, we provide extensive expertise within the prplOS ecosystem, optimising development processes to deliver top-notch custom solutions.

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Proven track record

Leveraging our deep experience in prplOS application development, we deliver solutions seamlessly, avoiding common mistakes and ensuring efficient deployment.

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