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Stackable Switches

Custom Stackable Switches with Microchip

Switch stacking technology allows multiple devices to be connected to a single switch.

By employing Microchip SDK (WebStaX, SMBStaX, IStaX) for stackable switch solutions, we enable your network to evolve and adapt to changing needs with a "pay as you grow" model.

Stackable switch solutions simplify network management and scalability by controlling the number of devices and ports in use, all without the complexity of multi-card chassis switches and configurations. Explore our expertise and get insights into the benefits and features of stacking.

Benefits of Using Switch Stacking Technology

All ports of the connected switches are used as ports of a single switch

Maintenance of one MAC address table for the entire stack

All stackable Ethernet switches can be managed through a single management IP

Centralised management of VLANs across the entire stack

STP and OSPF protocols run on an individual switch rather than across all of them

Passwords, VLANs, and interfaces are managed as if the stack is a single switch

The master switch automatically configures new ones to the stack

Cost- and time-efficiency, as the approach enables gradual scalability

Enhance your Network with Microchip SDK

Versatile toolkit
Broad compatibility
Efficiency boost
Robust security

Stackable Switches Development

Stackable switches are ideal for access and aggregation systems. We deploy your solutions with lower port density and expand them seamlessly as your service demands increase.

This approach ensures resilience, streamlined management, and zero disruptions to your existing network.

Features We Implement


Support for up to 8 switches in a stack


Unified firmware management for efficiency


Linear and ring topology configurations


Capability for link aggregation


Capability for link aggregation


Automated discovery and switch addition


Smooth L2/L3 traffic flow

Why Promwad


Reliable partnerships

We have established strong partnerships with renowned chip vendors such as Microchip, Qualcomm, Realtek, MediaTek, NXP, Marvell, and MaxLinear. Additionally, as a prpl Foundation member, Promwad remains at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies.


All-round experience

Our team has extensive experience in critical areas such as network switches design, middleware implementation, Board Support Package (BSP) and network software development. This proficiency allows us to deliver solutions tailored to your unique project requirements.


Innovative solutions

Beyond providing services, we build our cutting-edge solutions and Intellectual Property (IP) cores. Integrating them into your projects gives you access to the latest advancements and enhanced functionality, providing you with a competitive edge in the market.

We Work With



We help startups in stackable switch development by providing engineering teams to address specific challenges and fill resource gaps.



We build stackable Ethernet switches for telecom companies, internet service providers, and other businesses from various industries.


Tech Partners

We can be your reliable technology partner and an integral part of your project to assist you in tailoring stackable switches to your objectives.

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