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Embedded Video Conferencing: Apps Development

Our software engineering team is dedicated to developing custom video conferencing
solutions for various personal and business
use cases.

We work with clients worldwide to create online platforms for digital TV, video streaming, and conferencing based on WebRTC for Tizen, WebOS, Android, and other systems.

What we offer

We can develop video conferencing software solutions from scratch or add required features to the user interface of popular set-top boxes that are based on chips by Broadcom, Amlogic, or other global vendors.

One of our solutions for the Tizen-based players combines two video streams into one for TVs with single stream support and provide a picture-in-picture feature for video conferencing solutions.

Also, we develop custom SDKs to enable our clients to customise their platforms by adding new features, porting to other set-top boxes, or integrating with third-party solutions.

Audio and video conferencing

Case Study On Video Conferencing Solutions for Business

We use the most popular and open software components in our clients’ projects:

  • v4l2 for video capture
  • GStreamer for coding/decoding
  • OpenGL for screen output
  • ALSA and AudioRecord for audio input/output
  • WebRTC for video streaming

We provide support for the following platforms:

  1. Desktop computers: Linux / Windows / MacOS
  2. Set-top boxes: RDK, AOSP, Linux
  3. Mobile devices: Android, iOS
  4. Smart TVs: Tizen, WebOS

Use Cases | How our clients use their videoconferencing platforms

watching football together

A shared view of video content

There should be no circumstances, even a pandemic, that can prevent us from enjoying and discussing exciting or interesting media as we watch it with our loved ones.. Let your clients share their home-based viewing experience of their favorite movies, TV series, and programs with their friends and family remotely — with the help of video calling app development at Promwad.


online fitness

Coach-supported online fitness

Physical activity is now going online – there is an ever-increasing amount of sports broadcasts, courses, and videos to help users stay fit. With video conferencing, online training has become even better – a call to a coach through the set-top box or Smart TV will allow your users to follow the correct exercise technique and avoid losing motivation.

corporate conferencing tv

Business meetings

Working remotely has become even more productive, efficient, and comfortable with the help of video conferencing solutions for businesses! Our clients use custom software platforms for audio and video calls with the ability to record and save conversations, add virtual backgrounds, and other helpful features.

Our Cooperation Models

A flexible approach to suit your current needs

Dedicated Team

We form a team of highly skilled professionals to fit your specific engineering task. Once we create a dedicated team, you are free to exercise all managerial functions and supply additional resources as necessary.


We can join your project at any stage or take on the entire engineering process from the start, including full management and risk control, so that you can concentrate on your strategic product goals instead of worrying about micromanagement.

Our Tech Stack

Operating Systems

Linux, Windows, MacOS, webOS, Tizen, Android/iOS, RDK, AOSP


С, C++, Java, Javascript, Kotlin, Swift


GStreamer, Kurento, WebRTC

Kirill Zut

"We've seen the explosive growth of software platforms for online work and communications since 2020, and helped our clients make the most of this trend to grow their businesses. In 2022, the broadcasters of the World Cup in Qatar used our solutions for their live videos!"

— Kirill Zut, Head of Software Development Unit at Promwad

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