Android system engineering at Promwad



Android System Engineering with CTS Tests and OTA Updates

The Promwad team designed an Android-based board verifying this project by CTS tests and OTA updates. As a rule, due to unpredictable field environments, embedded software and electronic devices should support a high level of customization. 

Our company' engineers use CTS tests to extend the OS functionality. The CTS is a set of unit tests designed for integration into the daily workflow of system engineers. The CTS stands for Compatibility Test Suite and serves to reveal the Android incompatibilities early on. That ensures the compatibility of software during the whole development process.  

The CTS environment is a desktop machine, where it executes test cases directly on attached devices or an emulator. For atomic units of code within the Android platform examination, we use unit tests. For a combination of APIs in a higher-level use case examination, we use functional tests. 

CTS Verifier is a supplement to CTS. It provides tests for APIs and functions that cannot be tested on a stationary device without manual inputs. Within the project, CTS-tests were carried out in terms of security using the version of Android 8.0.

With the rise of smartphones and IoT devices, manufacturers have turned to various over-the-air update architecture methods for deploying new operating systems to these devices. In addition, OTA updates can catch issues before devices launch, which can save OEMs time and money and reduce the software development and quality-assurance process.

As a result, our client has solved the business problems with the help of the designed Android-based board. Moreover, the client got the ability to develop the required business logic on Xamarin, the cross-platform framework. Its performance metrics are continually being improved and refined to adapt to the standards fully.

Are you planning an Android system engineering project? Contact us! Promwad team design not only embedded products but also will assist you in being always-on.