Promwad Joins OPC Foundation to Elevate Industrial Automation Projects



Promwad is announcing its membership in the OPC Foundation to ensure better interoperability and standardised communication in engineering projects for our clients in industrial automation area. This partnership reflects our commitment to improving seamless data exchange between devices and systems from various vendors — along with industry leaders. 


What is OPC?

OPC is the interoperability standard for secure and reliable data exchange in industrial automation and other industries. It is platform-independent and ensures seamless information flow among devices from multiple vendors.  

The OPC Foundation develops and maintains this standard, which was initially designed to standardise communication between HMI/SCADA systems and various industrial automation devices, including PLCs. 


“Promwad ensures OPC integration across our industrial automation projects. This standard provides communication from the field level to SCADA systems, making it the default choice for integrating diverse industrial processes. Adopting the OPC in industrial engineering projects guarantees interoperability and efficient data exchange, critical for performance in hard environments", said Roman Shulenkov, Head of Industrial Automation Unit at Promwad.

Originally released in 1996, OPC aimed to abstract PLC-specific protocols into a standardised interface. This facilitated the interaction between HMI/SCADA systems and a "middle-man" that converted generic OPC requests into device-specific ones. Over time, OPC has evolved to address new challenges in security and data modeling, leading to the development of OPC UA. 

OPC UA integration offers a scalable and extensible architecture suitable for various industries, including manufacturing, building automation, oil and gas, and renewable energy. Today, OPC stands for Open Platform Communications, widely adopted for its robust interoperability and future-proof design. 


Why OPC is important for our clients?

Promwad's participation in OPC Foundation, as a UA logo member, gives significant advantages to our clients. 

Members gain early access to OPC UA specifications and can influence the development of new features and enhancements. They also receive extensive support and resources for OPC implementation, including development tools, technical documentation, and conformance testing.  

Additionally, UA logo members have the advantage of participating in interoperability workshops to ensure their products work seamlessly and create a robust and compatible ecosystem. 


Case study. Application & Framework Development for Open-Source Measurement Platform


We developed open-source software based on the OPC UA protocol for the data acquisition and measurement platform, helping our client create their own ecosystem of multi-vendor control devices and take a leading position in the market.  


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