Promwad Experts Adapted OpenWRT to Run on Multiple CPEs from 3rd Party Vendors

We have completed a project in cooperation with an Italian company that created and launched the multi-vendor software to manage WiFi access points via a single dashboard. Promwad team has adapted OpenWRT-based firmware to ensure its correct operation on routers produced by various vendors. 

Our customer supplies the first on the market vendor-neutral software for remote and cost-efficient WiFi management. It allows the remote deployment, configuration, and troubleshooting of WiFi networks from an intuitive and responsive dashboard: it's the ideal platform for network administrators to manage their WiFi infrastructure. It is powered by a Linux-based operating system that connects devices to the cloud. WiFi Management software has a free basic feature set that can also be enriched via commercial add-ons.



Promwad engineers have adapted the current version of Embedded Linux based on OpenWRT to run multiple wireless routers. The project included OpenWRT porting, drivers adaptation, and other tasks aimed at ensuring seamless operation of the Linux-based OS on WiFi chipsets from leading semiconductor vendors like Qualcomm/Atheros, Mediatek and Realtek.

Having more than ten years of experience in OpenWRT porting and adaptation for wireless routers, we believe in the WiFi AP management solutions excellent prospects. With the customer's WiFi management Platform, telecom operators can offer high-quality services for their corporate clients with developed wireless infrastructure. 

We will be glad to share our experience with other companies using OpenWRT-based software for smart access points, data hubs, network probes, and other networking devices. Contact us, and we will help you with your current and future projects!