Remote Camera Control: Cross-Platform & Vendor-Independent Mobile Applications

remote camera control
Vadim Shilov


Vadim Shilov,

Head of the Video Streaming Unit at Promwad 

Content producers are seeking to steer clear of the vendor lock-in model and opt for solutions that provide flexibility and interoperability, instead of being restricted to particular proprietary hardware. Now, you can consider this job done: with Promwad engineering support, our customers can create universal cross-platform solutions to manage virtually any professional camera in real time — via web browsers, smartphones, or tablets.
We have explored software development kits (SDK) from leading video camera manufacturers, who supplied equipment for Oscar-nominated films in 2024. As a result, we created a roadmap for video camera management applications for various video production units making movies, TV shows, or launching live broadcastings.
Here's a list of SDKs that our engineers have studied or tested in commercial projects to ensure the versatility, flexibility, and compatibility of new software solutions:

The growth of streaming video platforms and demand for high-quality content in various fields are stimulating the market for professional video cameras. Content providers aim to improve the quality of their videos and, therefore, prefer professional-level equipment for high-definition shooting, including cameras from different manufacturers, to access unique features to meet specific shooting requirements.

market for professional cameras

The market for professional cameras is expected to grow until 2030. Source:


Traditionally, camera manufacturers offer their own software solutions for camera control: web versions, desktop, and mobile. The problem is that some vendors release applications compatible only with certain types of cameras from their line, with limited control functions or working on a specific operating system. These limits lead to vendor lock-in.

Based on our expertise in mobile applications development and successful project delivery for the video streaming industry, including two of the world's largest camera manufacturers, the Promwad team offers the development of a remote control app for pro cameras, covering smartphones and tablets on iOS and Android. Now, our clients can get flexible applications with seamless integration that ensures compatibility with cameras from different suppliers.

A unified, vendor-agnostic application interface eliminates the need for multiple software solutions, and the remote monitoring function helps keep an eye on the camera's condition and adjust settings. Remote configuration of some camera functions is essential for shooting sports events or in OB vans. Unlike shooting on a set, it is difficult to pre-adjust some parameters in outside broadcasting: exposure level to account for lighting changes or accurately adjust the white balance so that colors remain bright and saturated throughout the shoot.

Cross-platform applications for video camera management allow users to integrate with cameras from any manufacturer and remotely control camera functions. These can be basic capabilities — recording, playback, adjusting frame rates — as well as specific ones.

A great example of an individual setting is the timestamps synchronising on several cameras. This function is handy when one of the cameras is idle during shooting and then reactivated. In post-production, all frames need to be synchronised. Usually, sound wave or image synchronisation methods are used, which significantly prolongs editing. Synchronising timestamps solves this problem.

Here is a list of settings that can be integrated into remote camera control apps:

  • choosing direct log recording (HEVC or Apple ProRes) on the fly;
  • LUT (look-up table) support;
  • direct preview of the footage;
  • preview recorded files on the phone, tablet, or iPad;
  • record proxy files on the phone, tablet, or iPad;
  • focus management;
  • sound management;
  • codec and bitrate management;
  • synchronisation of the start of recording on all cameras;
  • selection of colour profile.

Providing seamless connection and universality, the application will help content creators overcome compatibility issues, optimize workflows, and unleash their creative potential on set. Also, the Promwad UI/UX designer team will ensure a custom and user friendly UI for easy access to all key features.

Want to take your video content production to the next level? Contact us to learn more about our mobile app development services and unlock the full potential of your cameras for shooting movies, TV programs, or broadcasting sports events!


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