Firmware development: BSP and eLinux

We offer custom firmware development and BSP development services for the most popular 8, 16, 32-bit microcontroller architectures and families:

  • STMicroelectronics STM32, SPC56
  • Microchip/Atmel PIC, AVR
  • Texas Instruments MSP430, SimpleLink Wireless MCUs, Tiva MCUs 
  • Silabs C8051 and EFM32
  • Nordic nRF51
  • NXP Coldfire, Kinetis
  • Renesas RL78 and many others

Promwad’s engineering expertise in low-level software design for  electronics includes but not limited to:

  • Design of MCU firmware
  • Development of device drivers and board support packages (BSP)
  • Porting real-time operating systems to target hardware platforms
  • Integration with wireless communication modules (ISM, WiFi, Zigbee, ZWave, Bluetooth Classic, BLE, UWB)
  • Optimization of portable and wearable systems (working with power-consumption, performance tuning, battery life, etc.)
  • Implementation of quality control, automated testing, and test-beds for MCU-based for embedded systems

We design both bare-metal and RTOS-based firmware products within the following technology stacks:

  • Texas Instruments TI-RTOS (SYS/BIOS)
  • ARM mbed
  • FreeRTOS
  • TCP/IP stacks: uIP, lwIP
  • Filesystems: FatFs, Yaffs

Promwad uses not only ANSI C, but also embedded scripting languages with low memory footprint like Lua and Python to streamline firmware development and prototyping process.

Why should you trust us?

A number of our engineers are certified as ARM Accredited Engineer (AAE) and ARM Accredited MCU Engineer (AAME).

Top semiconductor vendors including STMicrolectronics, Texas Instruments and NXP admitted in-depth expertize of our firmware development team and enrolled Promwad to corresponding 3rd-party design house programs.


Our firmware developments


IPTV+T/C hybrid set-top box We created a reference design of a set-top box with rapid platform development and launch of a series of new digital devices

Locus DVB-T STBWe have developed a digital TV set-top box (STB) with support for DVB-T (MPEG-2/4) and terrestrial digital broadcasting

USB Dongle for secure session We have developed a software/hardware system for safe data transfer while working on an insecure computer terminal

OMAP-3530 android portingWe have ported Android and Linux kernel to the OMAP-3530 hardware platform by Texas Instruments

JPEG2000 4-channel recorderWe developed a video registration device for storage and distribution of audio and video streams on request from 4 analogue sources

Do you need a quote for your firmware design?

Drop us a line about your project! We will contact you today or the next business day. All submitted information will be kept confidential.