Smart Health Wristband
Smart Health Wristband
Smart Health Wristband
Smart Health Wristband

Smart Health Wristband


State corporation contracted us within the open industrial design contest to design a telemedicine system.



We designed a convenient, easy-assembled, and ergonomic device. It is comfortable to wear due to the perfect combination of materials and surfaces.

The plastic IP 65+ enclosure is water- and dust-proof. The front part of the case is made of white glossy plastic with bright silicone buttons. We recessed the buttons on the enclosure to protect them from unwanted pressing. Thanks to the positioning of LEDs wells and varying thicknesses of plastic, we reached a spectacular LED glow. There is no need in extra light-emitting diodes – the user can easily see the indicators when attaching the device to the chest.

Wearing options:

  1. Attach ECG electrodes to the chest. A flexible board in the silicone enclosure holds the electrodes. It is possible to unfasten the plastic enclosure for recharge without moving the electrodes. The charged module can be strapped back.
  2. Wearable strap.
  3. Silicone wrist strap. The device can also serve as an activity sensor.



Industry experts shortlisted our project in the industrial design contest.

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