The Jade Platform for automotive infotainment

Project overview


The worldwide known vendor that is engaged in the design of evaluation boards and modules for in-vehicle infotainment systems.



To design a hardware & software platform based on Fujitsu Jade MB86R01 processor (331 MHz) with Embedded Linux support for the quick prototyping and development of automotive infotainment systems (IVI) and clusters with multimedia inside.



Our team developed an evaluation kit with embedded software for an innovative high-tech platform that significantly cuts the development time for complex onboard vehicle equipment and allows engineers to focus on critical system components.

The Jade Automotive Platform employs highly complex system elements:

  • BGA electronic components for the processor and the memory
  • A speed data bus
  • An operating system
  • Development tools
  • Examples of GUI applications


Business Value

The customer received a ready-to-use solution with the following key capabilities:

  • A platform designed specifically for automotive in-vechical infotainment systems and clusters multimedia.
  • A graphics processor by Fujitsu, a leader in the electronic design of chips for IVI systems
  • The ability to display data on two separate TFT displays
  • The ability to connect two cameras
  • CAN and K-Line automotive interfaces
  • Complex development tools and ready-made examples of constructing graphic user interfaces: working with layers, overlaying technical information on the video from a camera, and other effects
  • Support for over 1,000 software packages, such as USB, Bluetooth, navigation, etc.
How it's made

Hardware platform components

CPU module

The CPU module contains of the main high-speed elements of the system, which are critical to PCB layout. It has a compact 100 x 58 mm form factor with two 100-pin connectors.

Modules can be based on Fujitsu Jade MB86R01 or Fujitsu Jade-L MB86R03 processors in the lite version, which has reduced memory and lacks support for MediaLB, USB, and IDE66 interfaces.

A CPU module can be used on development stage or in the target devices directly.

Carrier board

A peripheral interface board, which interconnects with the CPU module, is used for development products based on the platform.

It contains electronic peripheral components; a power control unit; RS232, USB, CAN, and K-Line connectors; LEDs; and buttons. This board has dual display interfaces, as well as the inputs and outputs for analog video and audio.

The Jade Automotive Platform: fields of application

  • Agricultural machinery manufacturers

A combined instrument panel integrates harvester system controls. The operator sets an operational mode for combine units, and monitors their work using standard sensors or built-in video cameras. Automatic calculation of the weight of harvested products, and periodical reporting to the central control room facilitates the unloading and pickup of cargo, cutting logistics costs.

  • Public transportation manufacturers

The platform features an intuitive user interface and simple sensor control. It also contains an integrated control system for opening and closing doors, as well as climate control systems in the driver's cab and passenger compartment.

A satellite navigation system helps switch drivers to unfamiliar routes quickly and easily. Utilizing information about the route that the user easily uploads to the system, it automatically monitors compliance with traffic intervals, showing the driver how much time is remaining to arrive on schedule at the next stop. Built-in video cameras make reverse movement easy, and help monitor the situation in the passenger compartment. Data from the cameras can be stored on external media, if necessary.

  • Manufacturers of cranes and loaders

The platform monitors compliance with size and weight restrictions for lifts. Built-in cameras make it easier to control lifts while lifting large loads. All the operator has to do is choose the best angle, while the picture-in-picture function helps monitor the process from several positions at the same time (the required angle can be displayed in the foreground).

The system also helps perform quick and easy diagnostics of the lifting equipment, displaying the results on the screen.

In a version of this system installed on garbage trucks, video cameras help the operator control the container lift without leaving the cab. A graphically displayed aiming sight helps accurately direct the capturing movement to the garbage container.

  • Manufacturing of heavy vehicles

The platform monitors compliance with size and weight restrictions for lifting equipment. Video cameras help control the loading & unloading process, and monitor the condition of the cargo in transit. The system features an easy-to-use touch screen and an intuitive user interface for managing loading and unloading operations.

  • Manufacturers of automotive diagnostics

This multi-purpose diagnostic tool is available in a compact shock-proof enclosure. It is powered by built-in batteries or a direct current network (12/24V).

It supports all standard communication protocols for electronic equipment in cars by all leading manufacturers. An intuitive interface helps run a full scan or selective tests, saving the results to a memory card and a USB medium. This information can be printed out on a printer.


Basic technical features of the Jade Automotive Platform

331 MHz Fujitsu Jade MB86R01/03, ARM926EJ-S kernel
2D/3D acceleration support
Temperature range: −40 … +85
128/64 MB SDRAM
32/16 MB NOR Flash, 512 MB NAND Flash (MB86R01 only)
Unique 64-bit chip ID
SD slot 
USB 2.0 Host, USB 2.0 Device (MB86R01 only)
Video in/out
Two independent analog video inputs for connecting external cameras
Two independent TFT LCD video outputs
Audio in/out
Stereo audio codec, 24-bit, up to 96 KHz
Vehicle diagnostics interfaces
CAN, K-Line
Operating system
Embedded Linux
Package management
Assembly system
Yocto Project / Buildroot
Development tools
CPU module
Input voltage: 3.3 V
Interface connectors
2 x 100pin, 0.8 mm pitch
100 mm x 58 mm
Carrier board
Input voltage: 12 V / 1500 mA
Interface connectors
Power, RS232, CAN/K-Line, USB, mini-USB, JTAG, audio and video in/out - 6xRCA + 2 x Jack 3.5
153.5 mm x 146 mm

Software development kit / SDK (new version)

The new version of the SDK for the Jade Automotive Platform supports the Buildroot 2013.02 build environment and software module, which is specially designed for hardware acceleration of Qt Embedded graphic applications.

Using Buildroot simplifies the configuration of the building system by employing a user-friendly graphical settings menu.

The Buildroot environment can be used to create the following:

  • Linux applications, with appropriate patches
  • U-Boot bootloader
  • Cross-compile toolchain
  • Necessary system tools
  • Application examples
  • Root file system images

Also the ability to use the Yocto Project build system, along with Buildroot, still remains.

Promwad specialists have developed a new software module for hardware graphics acceleration based on Qt Embedded applications. This plugin uses direct image rendering to video memory, which can significantly improve performance without the need to rewrite applications code. 

The following technologies support of the new graphics output mode:

  • Accelerated rendering of graphical primitives
  • Image output with transparent colors
  • Alpha-blending
  • Anti-aliased lines drawing
  • Polygonal buffered text output
  • Hardware mouse cursor drawing and manipulation

Compared to standard software output methods, this solution improves performance by  up to 3 times, depending on the complexity of the rendered image.


Cooperation scenarios

  • Use of the solution as a reference design

Using our CPU module as a base, you can create your own version of the device, adding required software functionality to it.

  • Redesign, enhancement, or optimization

Do you already have access to set parameters for the platform’s integration in the vehicle’s onboard panel? Do you need to integrate additional interfaces in your development? Excellent! We can tailor our platform to your needs.

  • Purchasing a full documents package and technical support

You receive the rights to use all project documentation, including project source files and a detailed description of the engineering solution. This is an excellent solution for engineering offices and electronics developers working with the automotive industry.


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