Protected USB dongle with integrated browser for online banking

Under the order of a Swiss provider of Internet solutions for the banking industry, we have developed a software/hardware system for safe data transfer while working on an insecure computer terminal. The device is based on a USB flash drive with a shock-proof enclosure and additional features.

Key features of USB dongle for online banking

  • The USB dongle features specially designed software for launching applications (launcher), as well as a library with PKCS (public key cryptographic standard) #11
  • Authorization in the system involves PIN code protection, digital signature and encryption / decryption of downloaded data
  • Online blocking of client software is available
  • Protected user data storage: information is permanently deleted
  • A user interface for working with a bank account is provided by integrated Mozilla Firefox with additional settings for enhanced security:
    • Full automatic data verification to prevent unauthorized replacement
    • The device is set to work with a specific bank, so the replacement of a web page causes a security error
    • User identification data are hidden and unreadable


Technical parameters

SanDisk Extreme Cruzer Contour
Smart technology support
Pressure resistance
900 kg
4 to 64 GB
Write/read speed
write speed: up to 18 MB/sec
read speed: up to 25 MB/sec
Password protection
AES encryption
USB port
USB 2.0


Project summary

In the process of developing a secure USB dongle with an integrated browser, Promwad experts performed the following tasks:

— Selection of the optimal hardware platform
— Software development
— Prototyping