Design of motor control solutions Promwad

Motor Control

Design of Motor Control Solutions

We design hardware and software platforms for motor control applied in the automotive industry and industrial automation & robotics. Our solutions can quickly adapt to new motor types while remaining precise and efficient in terms of cost for our clients and the energy consumption of the devices.

Our engineering team has a strong portfolio and is well-versed in open-source solutions, tools, and software needed to perform expert work on major electric motor topologies. We are ready to connect to your project at any stage to help make your motor control design more advanced and ready for production. 

Our Expertise

Motor Control Devices

Design Motor Control Devices

– Variable-frequency drive (VFD)
– Variable frequency inverter
– Servo drive
– Soft starter
– Multi-axis motion controller
– Stepper motor controllers

Main Motor Types

Support The Main Motor Types

– Brushed DC motor
– Brushless DC motor (BLDC)
– Induction motor (ACIM)
– Permanent magnet synchronous motor
– Stepper motor

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Motor Control Algorithms

Mathematical modeling is widely used in software development for motor control systems. This method is indispensable for creating complex technical and technological systems as it enables us to evaluate the performance of developed solutions and choose the best one before any prototypes are even made. 

We use mathematical functions, algorithms, and modeling in electric motor control to provide the foundation for future designs that are applied in industrial automation, robotics, the electric power industry, and other areas.

Design of motor control solutions Promwad

Here are the control algorithms we use in our designs:

  • Scalar control V/f (Volts per frequency) control
  • Stepper motor control
  • SVPWM/SPWM/PWM control
  • 3-phase 6-step control

Vector control

  • DTC — direct torque control
  • FOC — field oriented control


  • EKF Extended Kalman Filter
  • ELO Extended Luenberger Observer
  • LSO Luenberger State Observer
  • MRAS Model Reference Adaptive System
  • BEMF Back EMF
  • Neural network based
  • Fuzzy neural network-based

Sensorless / sensored

  • FOC for ACIM
  • FOC for PMSM
  • FOC for BLDC

Servo Drives

  • for PMSM
  • for BLDC 
  • for ACIM

Our Tech Stack

Industrial Networks

EtherCAT, PROFINET, POWERLINK, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP, IO-Link, PROFIBUS, Modbus RTU, CANopen, RS232, RS485


SSI, BiSS, Hiperface DSL, EnDat, absolute encoder, incremental encoder


Texas Instruments, Microchip, NXP, STMicroelectronics, Renesas, Infineon, Intel, Xilinx, Lattice, Analog Device



Motor Control Library

– NXP RTCESL: Real-time control embedded software motor control and power conversion libraries, math library (MLIB), general function library (GFLIB), general motor control library (GMCLIB), general digital filter library (GDFLIB), advanced motor control library (AMCLIB), power conversion library (PCLIB)
– Microchip motor control library for dsPIC33 DSCs, 32-bit PIC32MK and SAM MCUs, IGLOO 2 FPGAs, SmartFusion 2 SoC FPGAs
– ST STM32 motor control software development kit (MCSDK)
– Renesas motor workbench 3.0: motor control development tool 3.0
– TI digital motor control software library
– FPGA implementation motor control algorithms


С, C++, Rust, Verilog, VHDL

Why Promwad

Cross-functional team

We are knowledgeable in the theory of automatic controls and drives & have core knowledge in mathematics (including DSP) and physics.


Our engineering team has extensive experience in the development and application of algorithms on FPGA, embedded Linux, and MCU.


We use voltage/frequency, field-oriented control for PMSM, ACIM, BLDC, and other technologies in our motor control projects.

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What is motor control?


Motor control is a set of tools that regulate an electric motor's operation in a specific way. They perform a variety of essential tasks, such as starting and stopping a motor, changing the direction of rotation, choosing and controlling the speed of rotation, regulating the torque, and safeguarding the motor from overloads and faults.


What is a motor controller? How does it work?


Devices called motor controllers are used for controlling how an electric motor operates. They choose whether to rotate in the forward or reverse direction, accelerate, or decelerate, as well as other operating parameters.


What types of motor controllers exist?


There are the following types of motor controllers:

  • Variable-frequency drive (VFD)/Variable frequency inverter;
  • Servo drive;
  • Soft starter;
  • Multi-axis motion controller;
  • Stepper motor controller;
  • DC motor controller;
  • BLDC motor controller/ Brushless Motor Controller.

What is the difference between BLDS and PMSM motors?


BLDC means brushless DC electric motor; and PMSM is a permanent magnet synchronous motor. They are similar, but each has its own characteristics. For more details and a comparison table of its basic parameters, go to our article Top 5 Open Source Projects to Design MVP of Your Motor Control Solution.