Promwad's IMX-6UL processor module in the control unit for railway transportation

Promwad implemented one more industrial controller project for railway industry. The device receives the coordinates from the satellite navigation systems and transmits the information about the train location to the server. We successfully prepared our customer for the mass production. The project results included a working prototype of the device, embedded software, and all the necessary documentation.

Now, let's dive into some technical aspects of the solution.

The hardware platform includes three units:

  1. Display, keyboard, and external data sources connectivity via the CAN bus are reached through the terminal unit. This module operates on a Laird Wi-Fi module and IMX-6UL Ultralight processor. Monitoring of settings and performance works via Wi-Fi technology, external sensors connectivity – via Ethernet, RS-485, and CAN. We also developed a Linux-based software platform with a graphical interface. The software of the terminal unit provides intuitive interaction with the user.
  2. Receiving data from satellite systems and transmitting information to the server via the GPRS network is reached through the coordinate determination unit. It is built on low-energy STM32 controller, GPS / GLONASS-module GMM3301, and GPRS-module from Sara G3 series. The customer can quickly transfer the code to other hardware platforms and add modules supporting other peripheral devices. That is reached through a multi-level software structure of the unit. 
  3. The power supply unit is made based on the DC/DC converter with an extended range of input voltages of 24...110V.

The device serves to install in the train engineer's cab. In this project, as well as in any other, we focus on innovations, reliability & flexibility while developing custom solutions that employ the highest technology levels. Contact us if you have any questions.