Selection of materials for electronics enclosures

The right selection of materials for enclosure manufacturing is a complicated task which requires skill in industrial design, management and marketing.

Our experience in prototyping and production of advanced electronics helps us choose the optimal materials, taking into account the electronics enclosure design needs, the client’s preferences and the chosen price range.

Thanks to our excellent supply channels, we are ready to work with any type of materials:

  • Various types of plastics: ABS, ABS+PC, EK, PC, PE, PVC, PMMA, polyamide plastics, etc.
  • Woods – various wood species, including composite combinations, such as wood + plastic
  • Metals – production of enclosure parts from stainless steel, aluminum, aluminum-magnesium alloys, using various technologies (stamping, molding, milling, extrusion molding)

We can also employ other materials that can be used in industrial processes, such as rubber, ceramics, glass, etc., at the request of the customer.

It is important to understand that at the prototyping stage it is not always possible to use materials which have been chosen for mass production. For example, prototyping cannot be done with certain types of plastics which are nevertheless successfully used in manufacturing commercial devices. In this case, we use an analog which will reflect the characteristics of the original material as fully as possible.

Combinations of different  materials are often used in enclosure manufacturing:

  • Plastic + metal
  • Plastic + glass
  • Plastic + ceramics
  • Plastic + rubber
  • etc.

In this case, we can provide relevant expert advice on manufacturing, which helps correctly implement jointing locations for selected materials to provide the specified requirements for integrity, flexibility and durability of the finished product, thus matching the designer’s and the customer’s preferences with real production capacities.

Our projects also involve relevant calculations, computer analysis and simulation of manufacturing processes, which helps optimize enclosure designs, based on the characteristics of the material when it is cast into the mold. So our customers receive a guaranteed result at the production site - a product free from molding defects (deformations / sink marks / solder seams) and a highly durable enclosure.


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