Open source software

Numerous studies show that the use of open source software (F/OSS, FOSS, FLOSS – Free / Libre / Open Source Software) can significantly reduce labor costs and shorten software development time without compromising quality.

As the experience of Promwad witnesses, this statement is not only true for the server or application (desktop) software. The different components of open source software reduce time to market and development costs of new electronics design projects.

There are some examples of Open Source components for electronics development projects:

  • U-Boot & RedBoot bootloaders
  • Linux kernel, OS Android
  • Open drivers
  • FLOSS application & libraries GTK, SDL, WebKit, Mplayer, ffmpeg, gSOAP, OpenSSL and many others
  • Developing and debugging tools GCC, gdb, valgrind, oprofile, lint.

Promwad company shares the principle Contribute nothing – get nothing. We share the results of our work within FLOSS community: we are contributing to the projects that we are using in our commercial developments.

Promwad engineers are participating in development of Linux kernel, busybox, buildroot, uClinux-dist, U-Boot and other Open Source projects. We are working with ARM, Blackfin, AVR32, MIPS, PowerPC and MicroBlaze platforms.

Our contribution to open source projects

Blackfin platform by Analog Devices

  • We are an official partner of Analog Devices Inc.
  • Bfin platform support in uClinux-dist
  • Bfin-specific patches to Linux kernel
  • Memory Alignment patches into wireless drivers
  • Porting Marvell M8385 Wi-Fi chip drivers (libertas) to Blackfin


  • ARM9 processors and Ethernet support in U-Boot for it
  • ALSA ASoc AC'97 for LN2440SBC board support in linux-2.6.23
  • TFT touch screen drivers adaptation for Cirrus Logic EP9307 SoC
  • AT91RM9200 CHUB board support in linux-2.6.20
  • Patches for AT91 NAND Flash in linux-2.6.23
  • National Semiconductor DP83848 PHY (Ethernet adapter for ARM) support for AT91RM9200