Smart home multimedia controller

At the order of Incyma, a company based in Switzerland, we have developed a device designed to manage a home multimedia complex which includes a cinema, a tuner, a VCR and other smart home components. Data exchange between the controller and the smart home device is implemented on the basis of the HDMI interface over Ethernet via a PC or other devices connected to the network. The product’s features include quick setup and easy integration into the smart home ecosystem.


Smart Home Ethernet gate datasheet

Controller LM3S6965
miniUSB 2xHDMI
DB9  1
Ethernet 10/100
Materials plastic
Manufacturer and model Bopla, EG1230
General features
Size 50 mm х 70 mm х 15 mm
Power 5 V, via miniUSB


Project summary

In the process of developing an Ethernet gate to manage smart home devices, Promwad experts have performed the following tasks:

— Hardware development
— Software development and testing
— Industrial enclosure design
— Prototype manufacturing and debugging


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