TV Solution for Hospitality
TV Solution for Hospitality

TV Solution for Hospitality


A major provider of TV-related solutions for the European hospitality market.


To create an exclusive TV solution for the hospitality industry.



1. Concept development

We conducted a series of interviews with the client to analyse their needs and define the product’s shape. We also prepared numerous design sketches and an interactive UX prototype highlighting all the key functions users might need. As a result, we came up with the requirements for creating a software suite featuring the following:

  • Android SDK

A software development kit to run web-based applications on TV while providing the necessary integrations with the Android layer and allowing the creation of white-label TV apps for hotel guests.

  •  Guest TV application

An embedded application runs on hotel room TVs and offers various handy features via a convenient user interface to room guests. We built this solution on top of the Android SDK.

  • Dashboard

A web application for hotel management to manage  hotel TVs remotely and provide available user content.

  • TV setup tool

A mobile app for on-site setup of room TVs operating as part of our hotel TV solution.

  • Backend software

It is responsible for the connection, data storage and exchange between the solution components and ensuring communication with optional third-party services. This software allows integration with hotel property management systems, including processing data into our API format for easy frontend implementation.


2. Software development


High-level software structure

Pic 1. High-level software structure


We have worked through the software architecture of the solution and developed a product with the following features:

1. TV Guest application

  • Hotel information (customised centrally in the dashboard)
  • Guest services based on PMS (property management systems): guest name, welcome message, billing info, express check-out
  • User-friendly template-based GUI and widget-based editing
  • TV channels streaming (support pay channels)
  • Hotel-related content and offers display
  • Custom weather widget
  • Flight airport information
  • Alarm clock (managed via the dashboard and/or PMS)
  • Advertising banners
  • Built-in smart TV apps
  • Guest mobile device pairing with TV for casting user content
  • Multi-language localisation supported. Smart language selection in the TV app per room/guest depending on the user’s preference
  • Secure cache implementation

2. Dashboard

  • Customisation of hotel information for TV app clients
  • Messaging from server to TV Guest apps in selected rooms
  • Remote control and monitoring of each TV (TV on/off, firmware updates, TV app upgrades, update splash image, TV configuration)
  • Hotels map locator
  • Admin dashboard user and role management

3. TV Setup Tool

  • Each room TV app was initially set up and consequently re-adjusted using a dedicated mobile app

4. Backend

  • API services
  • Open API for system integrators
  • Secure server-to-server communication to avoid handling security keys via front-end
  • Integration of third-party PMS
  • Microservice architecture


Tech stack and development peculiarities of the project:

  • Node.js/Nest.js
  • .NET
  • React
  • Radix UI
  • Kotlin
  • Progressive Web App (PWA) features for the dashboard
  • ‘Mobile First’ approach for dashboard development
  • ‘Offline First’ approach for a TV application
  • AWS Cognito for authentication, authorisation, and user management
  • Circle CI & AWS used as part of our development environment


Business Value

Our solution can be integrated with hotel property management systems (PMS) to create a comfortable and personalised digital space for every hotel guest.

We offer two different versions of the solution:

  • SDK solution (platform) is suitable for system integrators who sell their custom TV apps to hotel chains. They can use our white-label platform to create their apps.
  • Embedded solution (out-of-the-box solution). This version is sold directly to hotels. It is a fully functional solution that can be used as-is without any customisation required.

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