The first system basis chip with integrated CAN FD controller by TI


One of our key chip vendors — Texas Instruments announced the first system-basis chip or SBC in automotive namely TCAN4550-Q1, being the first on the market to unite a transceiver and controller for CAN FD — controller area network with the flexible data rate. Its main benefits include cutting down in-vehicle networks’ design and time-to-market.

TCAN4550-Q1 reaches data-rate flexibility and high-bandwidth needed at in-vehicle networks. In contrast to previous expensive and time-consuming methods of expanding or upgrading the functionality of CAN FD, the new SBC provides designers with comfort maintenance of present architecture, including upgrading the advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), and designs of automotive gateways.

TCAN4550-Q1 - Functional Diagram


The new CAN FD controller can be applied in areas like body electronics and lighting, infotainment, cluster, and industrial transportation. Thanks to the key characteristics, mainly integrated bus fault protection, cross-compatibility, 70-mA external output, and faster programmability of automotive software, using this new solution in automotive projects will allow reaching reduced system costs, small power design footprint, lower power consumption, and increased maximum data rate.


Image source — Texas Instruments