Together we can do more in 2020!

Dear colleagues, 

We are working together on a common cause: we are implementing new technical solutions to make the world more comfortable, safer, and more enjoyable. Thank you for your contribution! With the efforts of all the people who truly care about electronics, the industry is developing. 

Modern electronics would not have been possible without the contributions of our predecessors. We are building our lives and careers on the foundations of previous generations, using their discoveries and experience. And I have to admit that I often forget about it. But who are we without all the achievements of humanity? 

With cooperation and knowledge transfer, we humans have changed the course of history. Let's keep that in mind. I believe that partnership is a great power; it gives results that cannot be achieved by working alone. Together we can do more, both in professional development and in family life. 

Together, we are stronger! 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

With warm greetings,
Roman Pakholkov,
the founder and chairman of the board of directors
at Promwad Electronics Design House