Promwad and Aduk Have Designed the First ‘Smart Bike Park’ Based on the SONY Spresense AI Camera

Our engineers have designed the first smart bike parking system based on the SONY Spresense computer vision system. A test sample device was installed in Nantes, France. Promwad and Aduk worked on the project for the French office of SONY.

The bike park is a container with a tracking system that automatically detects available bike parking spaces, reacts to motion, switches on the power and turns on the light for new users. It consists of a camera, an image processor, and a GSM modem, all assembled in a compact enclosure.

At this stage, we have a proof of concept. A bike parking container was kindly provided by the local French company Nielsen Concept for the testing and debugging of our system. The next step is to assess the demand among the potential users and define the necessary improvements.

The tracking system based on the SONY Spresense can be used not only for bicycle parks: our team can adapt this solution to any project where remote tracking is needed. We will be happy to adapt our AI system to your requirements,  please feel free to contact us.

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