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How and Why to Become a Partner of Global Technology Companies

In this blog post, we share our experience of entering the global market through partnerships with foreign companies. We hope that our case study will encourage you to launch a new partner project for your business.
This year, we entered the partner ecosystems of five major technology companies: Renesas, Microchip, Lattice, Intel, and Arrow. Last year there were two such major partners: NXP and Xilinx
Here are the most essential questions based on the results of these activities:

What does partner status bring?

The specific benefits of course depend on the type of your partnership. For product companies, it may be access to a wide network of distributors. For technological projects and startups, entry into the international ecosystem of support. But we will tell you about the work with chip vendors for contract developers and manufacturers, which ultimately gives several advantages for customers: 

1. Technical support on projects, access to information about chip vendor solutions – we promptly get the necessary information directly from the chip vendor.

2. Training for engineers – participation in seminars with breakdowns of the latest solutions and implementation possibilities, getting debugging boards and access to software platforms.

3. Access to the early access program – we keep our finger on the pulse: we can introduce solutions to customers that have not been released to the public yet, or warn them about components that will be withdrawn from the production.

4. Posting information on the chip vendor's website. Here are some examples of our profiles in the section of trusted design centres:

5. Co-marketing activities for promoting developments on the basis of vendor solutions.

6. Chip Vendor Recommendations (one of the most valuable benefits): the ability to connect to world-class commercial projects – developments for the chip vendors themselves or their customers.



What does it take to launch a partnership with international companies?

We've made sure that expertise, experience, and a good portfolio, with the right level of persistence and competent communication, make it possible to negotiate mutually beneficial cooperation even with world leaders. Find the person responsible for the partner program in the company you need, send them an introductory letter and start the process.

Even if it turns out that your company does not meet the requirements at this stage, you will get an excellent independent (and free) check of your level of competence, management and quality control from the world experts. And you'll know what areas you need to level up to reapply.


How quickly can I join an affiliate program?

Don't expect quick results. It takes at least 3—6 months to enter an affiliate program for small chip vendors and distributors. If you are targeting the ecosystem of an international company, the entire procedure may take up to a year or even more.


How are potential partners qualified? 

It all depends on the level of the chip vendor and its internal approval processes. Each chip vendor has its documents and requirements. As a rule, the following information is requested from new participants in partnership programs:

1) Proof of expertise and demonstration of designs based on the chip vendor's components and technology. In some cases a high level of expertise and plans to use the vendor's solutions in their future developments for mass production is sufficient. 

2) Information on the technical and commercial aspects of the future partner: development processes, customer interaction, customer geography, business models, resource and quality management. 

After successfully passing all the tests and interviews, the sides sign a partnership agreement, and your page appears on the official site of the chip vendor. 

At Promwad, we genuinely believe in the power of partnership, so we develop not only our internal projects with chip vendors and distributors but also open ecosystems for all electronics industry professionals.
Also, we have our affiliate and referral program. See the link below for details and an application form: