Promwad Becomes a Member of ZENIT to Advance Innovations in the German NRW Region

Zenit scheme

We are partnering with ZENIT GmbH, a technology and innovation agency of the German State of North Rhine-Westphalia, to drive tech innovations in the region and beyond. Now, our clients can rely on our engineering expertise and launch their R&D projects with the support of European funding, including the Horizon Europe programme.

ZENIT GmbH helps small and medium-sized companies implement innovations and enter global markets by finding the right partners for technology or research projects. The agency provides comprehensive services for this, including consulting, marketing support, training, and searching for funding programmes. Now, Promwad's Essen office can use this support for our clients in the DACH region.

The state of North Rhine-Westphalia is one of the most densely populated in Europe, with an extensive market for goods, services and research. Local companies are key partners for many countries in Europe, and ZENIT supports projects that bring value to specific companies and the region as a whole. For example, solutions for sustainable development and environmental protection: ZENIT, together with its partner companies, promotes the development of a green economy for the whole of Europe.

And now, thanks to our cooperation with ZENIT, we — and our clients — can access European innovation and development support programmes, such as Horizon Europe, with a budget of €95.5 billion.

Promwad team at ZENIT

Photo left to right: Ivan Kuten, co-owner at Promwad; Rim H.M. Stroeks, innovation consultant & international matchmaker at ZENIT GmbH; Alexander Worobjow, director at Promwad GmbH; Ekaterina Karpushenkova, representative of NRW.Europa Project

Promwad is now a member of the ZENIT Network with more than 200 service and product companies in Germany, France and the Netherlands. This membership facilitates the exchange of experiences between tech and industrial companies, as well as makes it possible to find a perfect match between businesses that need tech support and engineering companies ready to implement R&D projects.

Being part of the community allows us to be among the first to learn about innovative projects of ZENIT partners and offer our engineering support for their implementation. Our expertise covers advanced technologies and promising industries:

  • automotive industry;
  • industrial automation;
  • telecom and networking;
  • broadcasting and video streaming;
  • AI and adaptive computing.
Alexander Worobjow

"The partnership with ZENIT GmbH combines the needs of the region's companies with Promwad's engineering capabilities. We thank our partners for their trust and are ready to bring companies' ideas to life, strengthening the NRW potential and contributing to the growth of innovative ecosystems."

Alexander Worobjow, Director at Promwad GmbH.

As part of the partnership, the Promwad team is ready to offer its expertise for a wide variety of projects, whether it's digital evolution in corporations or helping startups with niche development. Stay tuned for more updates!