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Embedded software development for electronic devices and embedded systems

Promwad develops embedded software for electronic devices and embedded systems. Our programmers work with open and proprietary operating systems, and create all levels of software - from firmware to application software and graphical user interfaces (GUI).

We develop embedded hardware and software solutions, custom-made for applications in these target markets:

Automotive electronics

Our embedded automotive solutions contain stable and reliable code that delivers uninterrupted software operation in the harshest operating conditions. Our software solutions meet the requirements for reliability and fault-tolerance demanded of automotive component software.

We develop software that is compliant with industry standards (AUTOSAR / MISRA). Using special software testing methodologies, we create extremely reliable systems.

We use the industry standards for writing code for the automotive industry:

  • Specialized car interfaces: CAN, OBD, MOST, FR, IDB1394, LIN
  • Multimedia interfaces: Bluetooth, LAN, WiFi, MMC, USB
  • Telematic modules: GSM / 3G, GPS, GLONASS, FM DARC / KDGPS
  • Hardware platforms optimized for car electronics: PowerPC, MIPS, ARM

Promwad has developed ready-made software solutions for:

  • onboard computers
  • in-car infotainment systems
  • engine control units
  • navigation systems
  • other car electronics

Our portfolio features a number of successful projects for European and American car manufacturers.


Media and Entertainment

Our embedded software solutions for media and entertainment systems include video and audio codecs, and employ a variety of content compression and protection methods. All of our solutions feature the latest technologies.

We work closely with leading manufacturers of specialized hardware platforms and software components, such as Texas Instruments, ST, Marvell, Fujitsu, and Samsung.

Some of the tasks we perform in this area include:

  • code profiling and optimization
  • creation of modules that invoke hardware multimedia processing capabilities
  • porting of software and localization of third-party components for multimedia devices
  • integration of individual software components into a single product
  • creation of user interfaces using JavaScript, CSS3, HTML 5, Adobe Flash technologies

Promwad has developed system and user software for:

  • set-top boxes
  • media players
  • tablet PC’s
  • 3D TV’s
  • video registration devices
  • book readers
  • 5D cinema systems

Our portfolio includes software solutions (Linux / Android) developed for companies worldwide that have been installed on hundreds of thousands of multimedia entertainment devices.


Navigation (GPS / GLONASS)

Our embedded software solutions for navigation devices are based on GPS and GLONASS. Developing these applications requires considerable expertise in corresponding technologies along with first-hand experience in using these systems and modeling their signals.

Some of the tasks we perform in this area include:

  • numerical modeling and design of navigation systems
  • software development for navigation modules
  • system drivers development for the advanced functions of navigation modules: coordinates recording, selection of a navigation system, reduction of coordinates detection time (Assisted GPS), software module upgrades, etc.
  • applications development for time synchronization systems based on the precise time signal (PPS) technology

Promwad has developed system software and user applications for navigation devices based on GPS / GLONASS technologies.

Our portfolio includes software for onboard systems of ground and water transport, synchronization systems, as well as mainstream navigators.


Telecommunications / telecom and datacom

An important characteristic of embedded software for network equipment is its compliance with the highest requirements for bandwidth and quality of service (QoS).

We perform the following tasks while working on projects in this field:

  • Development of system drivers for network chips, wire and wireless interfaces
  • Optimization of the network stack for a particular platform
  • User interfaces development for managing network devices and infrastructures
  • Development of VoIP solutions, including user agents with hardware and software sound processing, and digitаl phone exchanges
  • Enhancement of SIP client support, as well as Firefox and multimedia players
  • Implementation of RDP, Citrix ICA, and VMwareP CoIP protocols

Promwad has developed system and user software for routers, switches, hubs, and other network devices.

Our portfolio includes specialized distribution files for VoIP devices, and embedded solutions for thin clients, mini-servers, and other hardware. We produced the full software package for Russia’s first commercial plug computer.


Industrial automation and real time systems

Embedded software for industrial automation and real time systems requires full compliance with the highest response time and reliability standards. It also requires support for a variety of interfaces.

Our work in this area involves completion of the following tasks:

  • Minimization of system loading time
  • Development and porting of inter-core interaction interfaces
  • Performance of initial and background status monitoring of connected devices and the restoration of their working capacity after crashes
  • Exact synchronization of local network devices
  • Development of system drivers development for specialized interfaces
  • Organization of intermodular interaction

Our portfolio includes software development projects for specialized industrial processor cards, as well as the development of test rigs for on-site firmware testing.


If you have ready-made embedded hardware, we are ready to design system and application software for it. We will provide support at any stage of the software development process for electronic devices or embedded systems.

Our goal is to create end-to-end embedded solutions that will meet each client’s requirements and integrate them into the client’s business process.

Software levels and typical solutions

Below is a list of typical tasks that we perform at each level of our software development process.

Software level
Typical tasks
Configuration and optimization for the target platform (low-level programming)
Operating systems
System interfaces, protocol stacks
Development and integration of device drivers
Development of hardware-dependent code
Firmware/distribution file build systems
Merging of standalone components into a single product
Optimization and configuration of distribution files for specific solutions
Preparation of file system images
Development of bootable live-CD’s for different purposes
Development, porting and localization of software modules
Integration of third-party software components
Design and development of user interfaces
Development of cross-platform applications
Service software
Development of hardware testing systems
Development of secure software update modules
Server software
Development of software joining devices into a full-fledged system with set parameters
Development of infrastructure/hardware pool management systems
Development of web interfaces for users and operators

The key focus of our work is on consumer electronics, telecom devices, automotive electronics, embedded systems for industrial automation and smart home systems, as well as media and entertainment.


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