Hardware development

Promwad Engineering Company offers hardware development for electronics and embedded systems, including PCB layout. Our engineers work with a variety of processor architectures, interfaces, and memory types, implementing the latest technologies into your products for the global market.

We use state-of-the-art microprocessors and other electronic components manufactured by the global leaders: TI, Marvell, ST, Fujitsu, Analog Devices, Intel, Broadcom, NXP, and others. We keep track of the latest tendencies and guarantee the best cost-quality ratio for your solution.

Our hardware design services include:

1. Schematic diagrams and PCB design

2. Modeling and simulation:

  • PCB 3D modeling
  • Thermal simulation
  • Signal integrity analysis (SI)
  • Electromagnetic compatibility analysis (EMC)
  • Power integrity analysis (PI)

3. FPGA programming and IP kernel design

4. JTAG-testing and microcircuit programming

Once the project is finished, our clients receive the complete design documentation package for hardware (PCB) mass-production in compliance with the requirements of IPC.

Our key areas of expertise in hardware development:

1. Telecommunications

Hardware for telecom equipment based on specialized processors for high-speed data processing and various communication channels: routers, mini servers and thin clients, analog-to-digital PBXs, WLAN equipment, NAS (network-attached storages), BMC (baseboard management controllers), etc.

2. Consumer electronics

Hardware platforms for mobile devices with ultra-low power consumption and a high integration of wireless interfaces.

3. Multimedia and entertainment

Cost-effective hardware systems in accordance with the audio/video quality requirements and embedded content protection technologies for set-top boxes, streaming devices, game simulators, 4D cinemas, digital signage, etc.

4. Automotive electronics

Reliable hardware in compliance with the industry standards (MISRA and AUTOSAR) for onboard infotainment systems (IVI), monitoring and diagnostic systems (OMDS) for specialized vehicles, telemetric systems, etc.

5. Industrial and home automation

Embedded hardware for various industrial controllers, panels, time synchronization systems, SmartGrid, etc.

The quality of our designs stems from the quality of our internal processes that comply with the international IPC standards and the principles of DFM, DFA, and DFT, which means design for manufacturing, assembly, and testing.

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