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If it takes you a while to get this joke, read our post for an explanation and find out how PayPal and Netflix became the victims of DNS hijacking.
19 April 2019
Once AI was just a buzzword for future innovations. Today it penetrates various business areas. Let’s explore it with Maxim Maclay, CMO at Promwad.
18 April 2019
On May 7-9, Denmark hosts Electronics of Tomorrow (EOT), a large event in Herning City for networking with companies from Northern Europe.
16 April 2019
Over the past six months, we have seen a wave of consolidation in the semiconductor industry. Read our article to stay tuned.
15 April 2019
When Promwad released a platform for IoT solutions 4 years ago, we believed that it was very promising market niches in electronics. And we still do.
12 April 2019
This time Vitaly Mozolevski wants to dig deeper and clarify a crucial process for any electronics design project—reaching mass production.
10 April 2019
Right now, Las Vegas is hosting a large event for the media and entertainment industry. We are keeping you updated about it.
09 April 2019
Global set-top-box (STB) market is gaining momentum highly and becoming more competitive. It will reach USD 23.5 million by 2023.
08 April 2019
Industrial design is not only about a beautiful sketch but also about reliability and technology. That is why 1+1=3.
05 April 2019
Wearable action cameras are used not only for entertainment and active sport but also in cars. In this article, we observe the leading chip vendors...
03 April 2019
NAB Show in Las Vegas is about to begin. This big event for the media, entertainment, and technology industries starts this Saturday, on April 6th...
03 April 2019
Have you done it or not? You will not be able to answer this simple question without the definition of done.
29 March 2019