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Our expertise in designing industrial controllers for the electricity and energy sector helps to achieve the best results for customer’s projects....
17 January 2020
Promwad’s FPGA team has successfully integrated PCI-e IP core into the FPGA project by our European customer.
13 January 2020
The new universal systems on the BG22 chips are designed for both commercial and home devices as well as industrial applications.
10 January 2020
In our recent webinar, kindly held by IoT Solution Architect at Telit company, Promwad engineers met with the capabilities of OneEdge.
03 January 2020
Thank you for your contribution! With the efforts of all the people who truly care about electronics, the industry is developing.
24 December 2019
Recently we’ve signed a new contract to be a part of Rostelecom engineering team involved in the development of a new line of set-top boxes.
23 December 2019
Let's will take an adventure from the stage of concept to mass production in a set of know-how articles.
18 December 2019
Meet our new rubric - you can watch the news from the past week in video format. The text is also inside!
17 December 2019
STMicroelectronics will provide wireless connectivity and software updates for the Telemaco3P family of microprocessors.
13 December 2019
It is essential to keep track of current trends and find the use of them in your business.
11 December 2019
The project results included a working prototype of the device, embedded software, and all the necessary documentation.
09 December 2019
One newspaper has conducted a list of top 5 of Belarusian devices with worldwide recognition.
05 December 2019