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How to keep your commercial secrets safe? We reveal the most valuable information hidden inside the products for an electronics market.
13 October 2021
We've prepared a step-by-step guide for assembling and launching reference firmware with CPSS on the Marvell debug board with a Prestera DX switch.
29 September 2021
Promwad has joined the Climate Innovation Vouchers environmental initiative. The initiative's main sponsor is the European Bank for Reconstruction...
03 September 2021
Hare is our experience of entering the global market through partnerships with international companies to inspire you to develop your own business
31 August 2021
The Promwad FPGA team has a profound experience on Lattice’s low-power FPGA, tools, and technologies. We have completed several projects for our...
27 August 2021
This engineering article goes through the various types of heat dissipation, including natural convection, forced cooling and liquid cooling systems
17 August 2021
We launch a series of articles on the relatively new programming language P4 and what it is all about. 
11 August 2021
Promwad Engineers are ready to develop a face recognition solution using our ready-made compact module based on the Ambarella CV25 chip. The chip...
05 August 2021
Promwad telecom engineers are ready for experiments on the way to design-wins on Realtek RTL9301-CG, a relatively new item from the Realtek managed...
30 July 2021
Optimization of the most time-consuming stage of FPGA-based device development – we mean the FPGA firmware debugging.
22 July 2021
Today we are delighted to declare a partnership between Promwad and Renesas officially.
15 July 2021
Our founder shared his vision of the European hardware design market, spoke about growth challenges and the most valuable qualities of electronics...
14 July 2021