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At Promwad, we strive to expand our partnerships with leading vendors to take advantage of available opportunities and share them with our customers.
19 March 2020
This day we give thanks women who share their creativity and knowledge for developing our company and industry.
11 March 2020
The globally popular technology blog Hacker Noon has published our vision for the FPGA tendencies in 2020.
05 March 2020
China accounts for about 35% of chip sales. Is it worth transferring production to other countries and is it real?
03 March 2020
The company's experience, variety of services, and successful projects allowed us to be the first. Which of them – read in our article.
28 February 2020
Did you start thinking about crowdfunding? Here you'll find a few tips to reach success in it.
21 February 2020
What is the automotive Ethernet, why it is becoming popular and what challenges it will face.
14 February 2020
The largest mobile event MWC was to be held on February 24-27 in Barcelona but was unexpectedly canceled less than two weeks before the start.
13 February 2020
Promwad is attending the largest AV event – Integrated Systems Europe in Amsterdam with over 1,360 exhibitors, 80,000 attendees, and 200 speakers.
07 February 2020
Steampunk quest with puzzles, show "Intuition," car racing, and real voltage in our hands! Read more about Promwad's party. Video inside.
06 February 2020
We've developed the module to provide tunable cut-off frequencies in a wide range while maintaining the original sample rate.
03 February 2020
Meet us at the global event in the field of paid television, TV, and media industry – CSTB 2020 in Moscow!
24 January 2020