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21 August 2019
Xilinx announced the purchase of NGCodec last month. Together, the companies will be able to make a breakthrough in cloud applications.
13 August 2019
An accurate fine ranging for applications and interoperability across the ecosystem of the chipset with the new alliance.
12 August 2019
Wireless mesh networks supporting protocols like Wi-SUN, Zigbee, and Thread are becoming ubiquitous. The 802.15.4g ecosystem is taking center stage.
08 August 2019
This family of processors with Linux distribution is used to speed up a broad range of applications in smart industry, health, and both consumer and...
07 August 2019
In early July, information about Broadcom's desire to acquire Symantec Corp. appeared.
06 August 2019
At the end of July, Uber acquired the Mighty AI startup in Seattle. Mighty AI is a developer of software for identifying objects in conjunction with...
05 August 2019
Facebook is going to release a new streaming device with content from Netflix, Amazon, and Disney this autumn.
01 August 2019
Is BMW going to make you pay for Apple CarPlay every year? Subscription-based CarPlay would join Alexa, Google Assistant in 2019 models.
31 July 2019
One of the important stages in the development of electronics is prototyping.
30 July 2019
Today we reveal the details of the VR project, for example, what exactly our candidates see inside the headset.
29 July 2019
The cornerstone of cooperation is the integration of the IOTA Tangle into ST’s STM32 32-bit MCU ecosystem.
25 July 2019