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Printed circuit board trace and PCB design

We carry out PCB layout of any level of complexity and any precision class:

  • Design of various types of PC-Boards
    • Analog, digital, high-density
    • One and two-sided PC-boards
    • Multi-layer PC-Boards, BGA-packaged, with blind and buried vias
  • Analysis and modeling

We use the multi-user mode, when developing complex boards – several PCB designers work on the project simultaneously.

There are several stages to the PCB design process. During the entire process of development the international IPC standards are complied with, the design-for-testing and design-for-manufacturing requirements are taken into account; thermal conditions of device operations are analyzed.

DFM, DFA, and DFT compliance – what are the benefits to the client?

  • Lower cost of circuit board assembly and manufacturing
  • Shorter production time
  • Higher quality of mass-produced circuit boards
  • Circuit board reliability and increase in the rate of acceptable boards in mass-production
  • Circuit board testing acceptability for ICT and JTAG-testing

Outcome of the PCB layout service

Once the project is completed the client receives all materials, including design documentation necessary to launch mass-production:

  • The design file compatible with the design environment
  • Files for PC-Board production (Gerber 274-X, CAM350, ODB++)
  • Design documentation for the PC-Board, including mounting drawing,  data sheet, and PC-Board drawing – compliant with IPC standards, Unified System of Design Documentation (USDD), or client requirements


Do you need PCB layout? Contact us. We will be glad to answer your questions.