Internet of Things: Development Technologies

We implement projects within the popular trend of the Internet of Things (IoT): we develop mobile gadgets, integrate them with cloud storages and create applications for device management via mobile phone (smartphone).

Our developments are based on IoT Promwad Mobile, a platform that offers ready-made software and hardware solutions, which help enable the Internet of things on wearable electronics, mobile and multimedia devices, home appliances, cars, as well as smart home lighting and power supply systems.

Below you will find a description of IoT Promwad Mobile’s operating principles, as well as the underlying mobile and cloud technologies:

1. Operating principles

To integrate mobile gadgets with a smartphone, Promwad’s engineering team uses various technologies – both wired and wireless:

  • Power and data exchange connectors: microUSB, Lightning / 30-pin Apple connector
  • Audio interface / 3.5-mm audio jack
  • Wireless interfaces: IEEE 802.11-based networks, Bluetooth specifications and near field communication
Gadget + SmartphoneGadget/Smartphone + Cloud
Wireless connectionWired connectionProtocolsInteraction formats

2. Mobile technologies

Programming languagesDatabasesIDEOther tools
Objective C/C++SQL/SQLiteXCodeJira
C/C++RestKitAndroid StudioSVN
C#Isolated storageVisual StudioGIT
Java MonoDevelopAdobe Photoshop
Javascript  CorelDRAW

3. Cloud technologies

Our platform for managing cloud services helps integrate cloud storages, electronic devices and smartphones into a single intelligent system. For each project, we select the latest technologies ideal for solving specific problems of target users.

Basic technologies for developing cloud services:

Development languagesDatabasesWeb servers
RubyOracle DatabaseGoogle Web Server

Technologies like mobile gadgets, ambient intelligence and the Internet of Things, push the thinking of engineers and programmers beyond a specific device to a new dimension which covers almost the entire realm of human existence. A new world is emerging at the intersection of computer science, electronics, ergonomics and artificial intelligence, in which people are surrounded by intuitive interfaces embedded in a lot of things widely used in everyday life.


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