3 reasons to use software defined radio technology

Creating competitive radio products with an optimum cost/quality balance for the multiple markets is a reality through our universal software defined radio platform (SDR). What makes the platform such an effective solution? Let’s consider several reasons for it.

Configurability & multiple standards

SDR provides unlimited flexibility in terms of supporting various standards and hence eliminates the restrictions of standard-specific, customized hardware radio-solutions. For instance, the DSP + FPGA module based on the SDR technology designed for our client provides software support for 17 protocols and communication standards including 802.11 (b, g, n), 802.16, GSM, WCDMA, TETRA, APCO, ZigBee, WiMAX, Bluetooth, OFDM, ISM 2.4, LTE, SISO + MIMO, RFID, DVB, DRM.

One solution, multiple applications

The open modular architecture approach ensures easy adaptation for a wide range of systems with wireless connectivity capabilities requiring the highest level of performance. Digital TV and radio, video surveillance & conference communication systems, and security solutions are just a few examples where SDR guarantees the unique combination of maximized flexibility and system integration.

Costs efficiency

Our engineers managed to solve the problem of finding a balance between the performance & cost of the platform. Space, energy, and cost savings are no longer a challenge: the latest telecommunication standards and protocols implementation, with a focus on specific software without significant investment in hardware design, that is what SDR is.

More technical details you may find in our C6674-S6 case to make sure SDR makes it easier, faster, and increasingly affordable to create next-gen wireless applications. Contact us to bring your product idea to reality.