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C++ Programming Language. Universal high-level programming language developed by Bjarne Stroustrup at AT&T Bell Labs.

Since the beginning of the 1990s, C++ has become one the most commonly-used commercial programming language. It is applied in system, application- and object-oriented programming.


Computer-Aided Design. Technical-organizational system for creating geometrical models of devices that allows composing design and technological documentation.


Computer-Aided Industrial Design. Subsystem of computer-aided design (CAD) that includes software tools for industrial design engineering and modeling.

Great emphasis is placed on use of NURBS data. It can be used for creating animation. Work results can be easily transferred to other industrial design systems. In contrast to CAD it allows designers to use more their imagination and to concentrate more on technical aspect of modeling methodology.


Contract Electronics Manufacturer. Company providing services in manufacturing electronic equipment: circuit-board.


Common Gateway Interface. CGI is an interface of application programming for data interchange between client and server. Data interchanged is implemented by means of gateways and scripts. Its disadvantage is the possibility of big time delays.


Complex programmable logic device. Such device contains relatively large programmable logical blocks – macrocells, connected to external outputs and internal buses. CPLD functionality is coded in non-volatile memory therefore there is no necessity to reprogram them at startup.


Central Processing Unit. Processor of machine instructions, part of embedded system hardware that realizes the execution of basic work part on information processing – computational process.


Configurable System on Chip. Programmable SoC including configuration of external and internal interfaces, but not necessarily using configurable logic.

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