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Media Access Control. MAC is a data communication protocol which defines logical network topology, provides access control mechanisms for the communication environment and addressing rules between different network objects.

It also supports multiple access control, executes reception and transmission of frames, detects errors during data transmission.


Microcontoller unit. MCU is a type of single-chip microprocessor (computer-on-chip) created for control systems for various electric appliances (telephones, clocks, etc.) and devices, and also to control technological processes. It has minimal memory requirements and simple input/output systems.


Modbus is a serial communication protocol developed by Modicon in 1979.

It was designed for establishing master-slave/client-server communication between electronic devices. Nowadays, it is a standard communication protocol in electronics and most widely used means for connecting industrial electronic devices. Its advantages are the fact that it is openly published and royalty-free, and it takes up to several days to implement it.


Micro Processor Unit. MPU is the part of a computer which is responsible for processing commands sent by computer programs and data processing as well.

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